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Comment: Re:How many times can Microsoft shaft their custom (Score 1) 71

by hollismb (#18749875) Attached to: Major Nelson Frames the GH II DLC Discussion

Unlimited it seems. Time and time again, Microsoft do something to shaft their customers, be it releasing new versions of consoles, before the last ones are dead (literally in the case of the 360!), or forcing Epic to make the GOW levels chargable.

How many times does someone have to post that Microsoft is the publisher for GoW, so it's totally not the same thing as the Guitar Hero songs? I don't like that they want us to pay, but it's totally their right as the publisher.

Then they make you buy some crappy game to get on the 3 week Halo 3 beta, and then charge you again to buy the full game!

There were two other ways to get into the Halo 3 Beta. If you spent 60 dollars on a game you didn't want to get the beta, well, that's your fault. Personally, I bought Crackdown because the demo was really fun, and I think it's an incredible game. The fact that it had a beta for Halo 3 was a bonus.

Now it seems when they are not releasing GH2 patches that brick your console, they are ripping of GH2 owners with expensive content...

There's a thread over at Evil Avatar asking if anyone had their consoles bricked. As of this morning, seems everyone's was still working who'd downloaded the patch. As for the price... if you don't like it... don't freaking buy it. Remember when there was an expansion for Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter? It was fifteen freaking dollars (or more, I can't remember). I didn't like that either, so I didn't buy it. Problem solved.

"Success covers a multitude of blunders." -- George Bernard Shaw