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Comment: Re:Kill timezones already (Score 1) 140

by hokeyru (#38543250) Attached to: Samoa and Tokelau Are Skipping December 30th

I've worked on a ship. On US-flagged vessels, it is customary (probably even mandatory) to change the shifts when switching time zones. A one-hour change is normally broken into three 20-minute chunks, to distribute across the three watch shifts. There is a special board labeled 'advance clocks' or 'retard clocks' hung under the clock in the mess, so everyone is made aware.

During the month I spent on a ship in the arctic, crossing time zones every day, they stayed on a single zone. Of course, the sun never set, so it wasn't much of a problem.

Comment: Re:So confused (Score 3, Insightful) 315

by hokeyru (#34296054) Attached to: Oregon Senator Stops Internet Censorship Bill

And that is exactly the crux of the issue. The internet wasn't designed for any particular purpose. It was designed for any purpose anyone could dream up. It is ridiculous for anyone to think they had enumerated all the uses of the internet, or believe anyone ought to 'justify' their consumption.

Comment: Re:Bad news for democracy (Score 1) 279

by hokeyru (#32081512) Attached to: The FCC May Decide Not To Regulate Broadband

Government isn't a business, and shouldn't be run like one. We call ourselves citizens, and not (yet) consumers, because the relationship between citizens and their government is different than the company/client model you are trying to advocate. Put down the Rand and pick up some Rawls (or Plato even).

Comment: Field work (Score 1) 352

by hokeyru (#26312093) Attached to: Interesting Computer Science Jobs?

I recommend doing research field work. There are lots of science support opportunities. I work on a NSF-funded research vessel, working next to scientists, supporting science missions all over the oceans. There are dozens of ships operated by world-class institutions that are constantly in need of talented technical staff. Typically field techs do some programming, some systems and network administration, some data handling, and a host of other stuff you've never dreamed of. World travel, interesting problems, and interaction with smart people are standard.

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