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Comment: Re:Sony's war on their customers (Score 1) 290

by hoelk (#39670639) Attached to: Sony Projects Record Losses of $6.4 Billion
I'm perfectly happy with my prs-t1 (despite not beeing a big sony fan). Have to say i'm using linux so i'm not encountering any problems with the sony management software by default... but i can't imagine that you cant disable it's autostart. What seems odd is that here in Europe (at least Austria) the ebook store isn't working and there is no way for me to buy ebooks from sony if i wanted to(?). Neither is the inbuilt Google Books module working and so there is no way for me to acquire ebooks via the channels sony provides, which seems like very bad bussiness as compared to how amazon does it

Comment: Re:crime (Score 1) 105

by hoelk (#31493316) Attached to: The Coming Botnet Stock Exchange

Your fascination with them is unjustified. It is like a person, who likes to knit, would be fascinated by a criminal, who, say, strangle people by a cord.

it's more like if you like to knit, and is fascinated by someone who knits mind-controlling socks and gets millions of people to wear them on a day-by-day basis without them noticing it.

Comment: XFCE vs KDE experience (Score 1) 368

by hoelk (#31080670) Attached to: KDE 4.4 Released Alongside Website Redesign
I use KDE 4.3 on my fancy new desktop computer, though only since 1-2 months now. I have already been content with 4.2, but xfce just offers all the features i need and has better response times. I switched (back) to kde because i wanted to play a round a bit and see what was new, and some stuff is really cool :). I don't use my desktop for productive stuff, i have my (significantly weaker) laptop for that (which runs xfce). My main problem at the moment is that - probably since i mix apps from different DE - hotkeys are very different from application to application (why the heck doesn't dolphin create new folders with ctrl+n ? all other file managers i know do)

Comment: Re:Is it time to look yet? (Score 1) 368

by hoelk (#31074564) Attached to: KDE 4.4 Released Alongside Website Redesign
KDE started becoming good again roughly with KDE 4.3. Try 4.4, you will probably like it! I'm just wondering why kde doesn't manage to produce a proper looking default theme.... Also try xfce! its really great if you just want a clean and fast desktop environment with just the right set of features! I would prefer it over gnome any time!

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