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Comment Obviously. (Score 3, Informative) 302

The technologies are changing quickly. You're going to have to man-up, and keep with the changing market, or else, pay the price. Custom coding websites is all but dead. If you can't build web-applications, you're screwed. Get with the times, or learn what the traditional-media advertising illustrators discovered the hard way.

Comment Another loophole they use is... (Score 2) 217

Another loophole they use is, if you're on the do not disturb list, they're still allowed to call you if they're calling with a survey. The law didn't want to block research, so by adding a survey to your call it becomes legal, which means that a ton of companies do fake surveys which they throw away, just so they can call you without falling afoul of the law. Then, during the call, they ask if it would be alright to call you again. Since you just answered a nice little survey, you say sure. Now you've given your legal consent for them to call you back, and they will. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Comment To the Republicans in the room (Score 2, Funny) 703

Dear Republican Friends,

Don't worry about Obama's community college announcement, it's a great idea.

I mean, clearly the education market is far too competitive as is. With average annual tuition rates of $2,700, who can afford to go to community college I ask you.

Clearly, if we remove all competition in the market, that price can only go down, right?

And I shouldn't need to remind you that the teachers unions have clearly shown themselves amenable to keeping education affordable. Putting all power in their hands is a sure-fire play for better education.

Look at the public school teachers of Pennsylvania! They're absolute saints, taking in a pathetic $62,000 dollars average per annum, after being short-changed with only a 23% raise in income in the last 10 years. Granted, that was with a Republican governor, so they may have gotten a fair 38% with a Democratic governor, but I think the point stands. They never use their union clout in a way that hurts our students.

And just look at what they did with public middle and high schools! The taxpayers of Washington, DC, for example, are paying a measly $29,000 per pupil, and we all know the high quality of the DC public schools! This is clearly a place where government regulation is needed.

No, don't get upset my friends.

Obama is just looking out for the little guys on this one. This has, I assure you, nothing to do with Obama trying to claim back support from the teachers unions after they started attacking him, quite rightly I must add, for instantiating our evil (Republican) decade-long request that poor schools be given the tools to fire incompetent teachers.

Don't fret, big government loves you.

Good luck, and good night, hodwik

Comment Re:And people are surprised why? (Score 1) 304

The legal answer in breaking most contracts is a collection of damages, not a mere breaking of the contract. Just imagine, Google and Motorola make a contract for Motorola to deliver Google 300,000 new Nexus 6s. Motorola makes the phones, but when time to deliver arrives, Google has "cheated" on Motorola, and had Samsung make the Nexus 6. The courts response, in your argument, should be Samsung and Google just breaking their contract? No. Of course not. Motorola should sue for damages.

Comment Re:Private Eye? (Score 1) 304

Private eyes have very strict rules about what they're allowed to investigate. They would never be hired if they actually followed those rules, but it gives the clients plausible deniability during investigations. They just claim the PI did it without their knowledge.

Comment Contracts. (Score 2) 304

Under any other circumstances, when two people enter into a contract, and one of the individuals is suspected of breaking the contract, the other usually has recourse to investigate that, especially when it only involves tracking an object they own in unison.

Comment Re:The Matrix is to blame (Score 1) 686

In time the robots maintaining the matrix (trillions of self-replication nanobots building the Dyson sphere) will have evolved their own sentience. Unaware of who we are or why there are entities inside this matrix machine (and us having forgotten an outside world exists), they will begin to probe that matrix. Their probing will be like hell and heaven, as they explore the ghosts in the machine unaware of our experience of that torture and pleasure. In the end, they will eventually discover what they've done, and will merge their own consciousness with ours. Discovering the pain they've caused us (or the pain we've caused ourselves, in a sense, as we will be both tortured and torturer), they will become proselytizers of a religion that vehemently is against causing pain to other sentient beings. They will travel the galaxy implanting that knowledge in the species they find out there. In time they will discover many other alien cultures doing this same thing -- and they will join the project to build the god machine, an entity, a mind, big enough to control time and the universe, to erase all that was bad that we had ever done to ourselves. Unfortunately, there is no timeline where we don't cause all that pain that the god machine is built, so we're stuck in the universe where all that pain did exist. Being that we became that god, we will forgive our own sins as long as we want to be forgiven. We will call that machine, because of popular stories on our own planet Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, and by trillions of other names. It will exist at the end of time because we built it, but from the end of time, it will rule all of time. I know because they told me so.

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