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Comment: That American Cancer Society... (Score 2, Insightful) 310

by hockeyc (#33696472) Attached to: Long Island Town Enacts Tough Cell Tower Limits
From TFA:

'Our position is we want to be more proactive.' said Jody Turk-Goldberg, co-founder of a civic group called 'Moms of Merrick,' which discounts pronouncements by groups like the American Cancer Society that conclude there is scant evidence that cell towers are a health hazard. 'We saw what the tobacco companies did years ago; everybody said smoking was safe,' she added

You know those blasted scientists and the American Cancer Society, definitely in the pocket of "Big Cell Phone"

Comment: Re:Devil's Advocate (Score 1) 694

by hockeyc (#31906450) Attached to: Why Computer Science Students Cheat
Yeah, but if you can't write the things you learn about in your introductory CS class you won't understand what you're copying anyway. People love preaching how The Real World (tm) works, but if people are coming out of college not KNOWING anything they can't even copy code correctly. Knowing how to do it is important. Actually doing it _again_ is not.

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