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Comment: Old Berkeley Hippie here... (Score 1) 104

by hoboroadie (#46725101) Attached to: NYC Considers Google Glass For Restaurant Inspections

I use Chlorine compounds with discretion, and I eschewed Triclosan long before the FDA noted its questionable properties. I think that cleaning up other people's public filth*, moving Cow dung about the farm, and generally rooting around in dirt have adequately inoculated my system. I use a reasonable amount of water and simple soap products to try and keep a lid on the pathogenic stuff.
* I wash the hell out of my hands before I touch myelf- don't disrespect those Mycobacteriums...

Comment: Re:Transfer (Score 2) 322

This is the preferred solution. After all that training, once an officer proves his eagerness to randomly break a few legs, it just won't do to let them go. That good LAPD conditioning has been disseminated throughout the country as these "rogue" cops take their skills and fucked-up attitudes out to rural America, the better to squelch any nascent bonds developing with the innocent citizens they intend to "protect and serve".

Comment: Save the Chiddrens! (Score 1) 328

by hoboroadie (#46669831) Attached to: Federal Bill Would Criminalize Revenge Porn Websites

I sorta looked into this a few months back, and saw that the woman* running the site was soliciting for an on-line petition. I emailed her to say that whilst I sympathised with the want to prevent this sort of thing happening, her petition was a vague and indiscriminate demand for legislative action. I suggested that my support and that of anyone with both cerebral function, and an understanding of abstract concepts like liberty, &c., might be loath to encourage mindless action using this issue as yet another critically urgent pretext. I did get a form letter back, but it may have been automatic, it did not address my query. I reckon that it will be effective, just what the proponents of speech regulation and licensing have been waiting for.

*Not sure which one, it seems there's been a boom in that field.

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I can take it or leave it, but a minor league game from wooden bleachers is a much better time for me.
What I find amusing is the obsession with statistics, considering the randomness of any particular game. But then I don't follow any particular team, its the spectacle of seeing it done. (And the main thing I appreciate is how unimaginable it is relative to my own abilities.)

Center meeting at 4pm in 2C-543.