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Journal: visiting again

Journal by hobo sapiens

I haven't been to Slashdot for a while. I came back to check out my profile page.

I wonder whatever happened to my friends here? I wonder whatever happened to people from the glory days, TripMasterMonkey and Cowboy Neal? I wonder, does anyone even know them anymore? There hasn't been a "cowboy neal" option on the Slashdot polls each of the last times I came back to check.


+ - Don't write on the whiteboard-> 4

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lJlolel writes: "Whiteboard coding is the centerpiece of the modern technical interview, entrenched in Microsoft, Amazon, and Google interviewing procedures. But one interviewer writes about how he turned that system upside down. Refusing to write on the whiteboard, he used paper instead to code up his algorithms to avoid the awkwardness of standing at a whiteboard. Do you feel anxious when writing code at a whiteboard? Why not write on paper at your next interview?"
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Comment: Re:Microsoft and Open Source in General (Score 0) 368

by hobo sapiens (#36826946) Attached to: Linux Receives 20th Birthday Video From Microsoft

why would anyone want to learn powershell? MSFT got it wrong, they should have done what Apple did with OSX and used some *nix variant as the shell. sh and its offshoots are a de-facto standard. The fact that they made powershell somewhat understand nix commands is an admission of this.

Comment: Re:Reedit redux (Score 1) 82

by hobo sapiens (#36739322) Attached to: Snail Discovered That Can Survive Digestion By Birds

I have been reading more reddit than /. lately, and I missed that one.

I think the signal:noise here is a bit higher than reddit (scary, I know!) Or it could be that there is just less signal here to pick through. This place is a ghost town!

Back in the day, this story would have like 500 comments by now. As of now, this story has 37 comments.

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