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+ - Nero Files Antitrust Case Against MPEG-LA-> 1

Submitted by hkmwbz
hkmwbz (531650) writes "German technology company Nero AG has filed an antitrust complaint against the MPEG-LA, the company that manages the H.264 patent pool. Nero claims that the MPEG-LA has violated the law and achieved and abused 100% market share, by, among other things, using "independent experts" that weren't independent after all, not weeding out non-essential patents from the pool (in fact, it has grown from the original 53 to more than 1000), and retroactively changing previously agreed on license terms. The MPEG-LA is run by patent trolls, so the group's behavior is not entirely unexpected."
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+ - Google Makes Ads The Only Viable Business Model?->

Submitted by hkmwbz
hkmwbz (531650) writes "Is Google shafting the whole mobile industry with its Nexus One and other moves by the search/advertising giant? The Register certainly thinks so. The article argues that Google is working to undermine everyone else's business model to end up with the only viable business model on the internet: "With the value of copyright also reduced to zero, (the other arm of Google’s mighty lobbying effort is to kneecap creators and rightsholders,) then the only internet company that could possibly make money would be Google — since it would be the only internet company." They are certainly looking for ways to shaft networks, and making their own "Super Google Phone" seems to be a slap in the face for mobile vendors. Is Google really trying to kill the business models of everyone else to strengthen their own?"
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