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Comment: apple is rotten with the worm of arrogance. (Score 0) 718

by hkht (#11087155) Attached to: New iPod Firmware Locks Out RealNetworks Music
sure it can do whatever it wants with it's product and when enough people stop buying their products like me for one, all they have to do is go to microsoft for another loan. i'll just wait for intel to reach 5.00ghz and then i'll get a p4 3.0 for two hunderd bucks or less from the junk shelf. ur type of thinking will always be the reason apple fails.nose in the airism. apple honestly thinks that having a retard design is what people are looking for in a computer?? (the normal dude doesn't think about terabyte processing and the risc processor) it works for some but not most. radical design was the commodore 64 and it's trinitron monitor. i relied on a mac for so long in my business and was looking foward to another apple but eventually said f@#k it, too much cost, too much closed, too much trouble, too stupid design. also there was no real help at fry's or any outlet .and then to top it off u realize that the at apple think just like u do, u think u are all quentin tarrantinos, i make the movie u come to see it i don't give a damn what u think. apple better care what i think if they want my business. i'll still dream of an apple but by that time i'm ready to buy, intel will be good enough and i'll stick with them. and of course there will always linux to make ur old processors look good and functional at acceptable levels and as we all know for is rotten with the worm of arrogance.

"If you own a machine, you are in turn owned by it, and spend your time serving it..." -- Marion Zimmer Bradley, _The Forbidden Tower_