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Comment: Childish play, I guess not (Score 1) 228

by hishamaus (#35207832) Attached to: Intel Committed To MeeGo Despite Nokia Defection
I first thought Intel was just feeling too sad after Nokia dumped them for MS, and that's why they're going with MeeGo eventhough they knew Nokia's abandonment of the OS will affect how the OS and its tablet sell in a big way. You know what I think of it now: It just doesn't matter, everybody is in there are many many tablets that were introduced lately for this market. Heck companies you didn't even know cared about such a thing are releasing tablets (ViewSonic?). we already have so many OS's (HP's WebOS, Android, iOS, MeeGo ...... i don't even recall the rest) I don't think the market can take up this many choices, somebody gotta fall real soon

Comment: So, start playing kids' games? (Score 1) 287

by hishamaus (#35197628) Attached to: The Most Violent Video Games of All Time
I can't see violent games being any concern. given that all games are rated according to content everything should be fine. But IMO the ruling of selling violent games to minors as illegal should have been thought of a long time ago. If minors can't play 'em they shouldn't be able to buy 'em. the rest is on families to supervise.

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