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Comment Have you tried NegativeScreen (Score 3, Interesting) 197

It works with windows 7 and above and it requires Aero to provide the filtering.

I get headaches from blinding white backgrounds and after spending way too much time trying various solutions like CSS and Windows accessibility themes which don't work I found NegativeScreen.

It works by putting a filter over the whole screen and allowing you to apply a matrix transform on the pixel values. Out of the box it will reverse the colours so every window gets a black background but there are other transforms supplied (submarine mode is cool). And you can edit the config file to create your own, here's mine which adds a blue tint to the otherwise harsh black:

Blue Blacks=win+alt+F12
{ -1, 0, 0, 0, 0 }
{ 0, -1, 0, 0, 0 }
{ 0, 0, -0.85, 0, 0 }
{ 0, 0, 0, 1, 0 }
{ 1, 1, 1, 0, 1 }

ObLinux: xcalib -i

Comment Re:Is it 2013 again? (Score 4, Interesting) 248

No, it's 1985 again. Or even earlier. 1985 was when I found out an escape sequence that would reboot the HP100 portable computer my boss used to access the message system on the HP 3000 minicomputer. Cue me sending an email with it in the subject. The reboot took so long the messaging system logged you off and handily when you log in it prints the subjects of your unread emails and around you go again.

This kind of stuff never gets old.

Comment Re:Moral (Score 2) 124

Apparently, there is a thriving black market in Starbucks gift cards. I guess you type the number into your app and use it to get coffee without having to actually travel to meet the guy selling the gift card. Starbucks must be honouring these or there would be no market.

There isn't one person who really likes coffee, just lots of people who like it enough to take part in morally dubious and possibly criminal activities. A bit like the pirated DVD trade but with zero overheads and less evidence after the crime.

Comment I worked there for 8 weeks (Score 1) 298

I felt tiny and I'm 6'2" (1.8m). I also felt claustrophobic as even in the countryside you could only see as far as the nearest hedge, it really is very flat. I guess without hills every inch counts to making your field of vision larger (find more mates) and to being found by potential mates.

Comment Good luck with your neck (Score 1) 567

Humans can look left and right either by eye movement or neck rotation. Both are very easy on the muscles. Looking up and down is much harder and will give you RSI eventually. Get used to having two windows (or three) next to each other and your productivity will improve. Even my child plays Minecraft on the left half while picking up tips on youtube in the right half.

Comment Why not 1:1?? (Score 1) 567

I had to work with some monitors used in air traffic control once. They were 2048x2048. Way too tall for me, I could only use them for short periods for normal work without getting neck-ache from looking up and down all the time. Air traffic controllers have them at a fairly horizontal angle (like a table top) so don't have quite as much nodding to do. Had an eight foot wide 5120x2560 as well that was lovely as long as you didn't mind having to sit five feet from it and having everyone in a 50 foot range reading your emails.

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