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Comment: Good luck with your neck (Score 1) 567

by hippo (#48575517) Attached to: The Case For Flipping Your Monitor From Landscape to Portrait

Humans can look left and right either by eye movement or neck rotation. Both are very easy on the muscles. Looking up and down is much harder and will give you RSI eventually. Get used to having two windows (or three) next to each other and your productivity will improve. Even my child plays Minecraft on the left half while picking up tips on youtube in the right half.

Comment: Why not 1:1?? (Score 1) 567

by hippo (#48575481) Attached to: The Case For Flipping Your Monitor From Landscape to Portrait

I had to work with some monitors used in air traffic control once. They were 2048x2048. Way too tall for me, I could only use them for short periods for normal work without getting neck-ache from looking up and down all the time. Air traffic controllers have them at a fairly horizontal angle (like a table top) so don't have quite as much nodding to do. Had an eight foot wide 5120x2560 as well that was lovely as long as you didn't mind having to sit five feet from it and having everyone in a 50 foot range reading your emails.

Comment: Re:Checksums? (Score 1) 321

by hippo (#45654405) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Practical Bitrot Detection For Backups?

I run a weekly cron job that calculates md5sums for all the files on the media drive. Then it compares it to the previous weeks and emails the diff. If anything goes wrong I restore the file from one of my backups and check the MD5 again. I did have one drive that was slowly losing data. Turned out to be a dodgy sata port/cable but I've not lost a file yet.

Comment: Re:Nature is amazing (Score 1) 213

by hippo (#44925203) Attached to: "Ballooning" Spiders Use Electrostatic Forces To Generate Lift

> but I don't see why anyone would want to believe that

Maybe that's because you aren't as smart as the creator. Not saying that's the case but if I can't figure out why someone is doing something it's usually because I don't know as much as they do. I don't just assume it's because they're crazy.

Comment: Not evil but dangerous (Score 1) 462

by hippo (#44704557) Attached to: Scottish Academic: Mining the Moon For Helium 3 Is Evil

Seriously guys, he's a philosopher. I'm surprised no-one here has pointed out that it's the Helium that is keeping the moon floating way up there. Take the Helium away and it will sink back down to earth and we do not want that to happen. You think global warming is bad, just imagine how bad it would be with the Moon orbiting at 10000m. I guess we could try to time it so it touches down in the Sahara but if it overshoots it's goodbye Panama.

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