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+ - Build your first Android application

Submitted by IndioMan
IndioMan (411484) writes "Android, a complete operating environment based upon the Linux V2.6 kernel, promises to be a market-moving open source platform that will be useful well beyond cell phones. In this article, learn about the Android platform and how it can be used for mobile and nonmobile applications, then build your first Android application. This simple first app you build will get you started quickly, but believe me, you'll want to do more after that."

+ - Copyright Reduces Access to Education in Argentina->

Submitted by langelgjm
langelgjm (860756) writes "An Argentinean philosophy professor is being sued for alleged copyright infringement for posting translated versions of French philosopher Jacques Derrida's works on a website. In an attempt to make foreign philosophers' work available to Spanish language readers and students, Prof. Horacio Potel has created several websites: one on Nietzsche, another on Heidegger, and one on Derrida (now deactivated), all in Spanish. Philosophy texts are expensive and not widely available in Argentina; most are imported from Spain, and sold only in Buenos Aires.

According to the authorized French publisher, "Horacio Potel has posted, over the course of several years, without authorisation, and free of charge, full versions of several of Jacques Derrida's works, which is harmful to the diffusion of his (Derrida)'s thought." But Potel believes that by removing the works, the publisher has "inflicted a new death on the philosopher by taking his work off the internet." This dispute serves to highlight the larger debate over how copyright affects access to knowledge and educational materials."

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+ - Judge of the Pirate Bay trial even more shady

Submitted by
MikeTheBike writes "It seems that the criticized judge in the Pirate Bay trial has an even shadier background than first noted.

The judge, Tomas Norström, who has been criticized for his membership in many Media Lobby organizations, was the same judge that allowed the police to raid one of the primer ISPs in Sweden, Bahnhof. That raid was shown in a later investigation to have been instigated by a file sharing RIAA/MPAA subsidiary Antipiratbyrån paid mole. The whole raid resulted in a total fiasco for the whole judiciary system and the blame was put on the judge for allowing the raid based on such poor evidence.

Apparently judge Tomas Norström know how to take good care of the contacts he has made during the years in the service of the media lobby!

The article that we dug out from an archive in a leading Swedish weekly newspaper Ny Teknik and in english Ny Teknik"

+ - Hands On: XP Mode Works, But Is It Worth It?->

Submitted by
CWmike writes "Windows XP Mode, one of the most hyped features of Windows 7, was designed to integrate XP with Windows 7 so that you can run XP applications from directly inside Windows 7. But if you were thinking of XP Mode as a way to run XP as a second operating system inside Windows 7 — so that you get two operating systems for the price of one — you'll be disappointed. This is not a feature designed for everyday users — and most won't even know if they can run it, because of hardware virtualization support requirements that rule out even some new chips. However, for small or midsize businesses that want to make the move to Windows 7 but have some applications that can run on XP but not Windows 7, XP Mode will probably do the job. But even there, it is no no-brainer... A larger problem is the difficulty in sharing a common file system between Windows 7 and Windows XP Mode. So, businesses that need XP Mode will certainly welcome it. But if you don't absolutely need it, it isn't worth the bother of setup."
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+ - 1000s of Vulnerabilities Detected In FAAs Apps

Submitted by ausekilis
ausekilis (1513635) writes "

A government audit has pinpointed more than 3,800 vulnerabilities — 763 of which are high-risk — in the Federal Aviation Administration's Web-based air traffic control system applications, including some that could potentially put air travel at risk.

The report continues...

And the FAA's Air Traffic Organization, which heads up ATC operations, received more than 800 security incident alerts in fiscal 2008, but still had not fixed 17 percent of the flaws that caused them, "including critical incidents in which hackers may have taken over control of ATO computers," the report says.

Source: DarkReading"


+ - Windows 7 Ready For Xmas, RC To Cut-Off In March->

Submitted by
CWmike writes "Microsoft is saying Windows 7 is on track for release to manufacturers in about three months, or Aug. 11, meaning Windows 7 could go on sale and be available on new PCs around Oct. 11 or Nov. 4, depending on if they follow XP or Vista as a rollout role model. Meanwhile, it's following Vista's lead by pushing users to upgrade to the real thing by automatically shutting down, then restarting, PCs equipped with Windows 7 RC three months before the build officially expires."
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+ - Viewing Porn At Work Leads To Hacker Conviction->

Submitted by safesorry
safesorry (1542893) writes "Talk about a tale of woe: Richard Wolf, a lonely guy looking for love in all the wrong places, used his work computer to visit the Adult Friend Finder website and upload personal nudes to prospective "friends." Now he's being charged with a law targeted at employees who steal data or access information they shouldn't."
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+ - Adblock Plus Maker Proposes Change To Help Sites-> 1

Submitted by
Dotnaught writes "Wladimir Palant, maker of the Firefox extension Adblock Plus, on Monday proposed a change in his software that would allow publishers, with the consent of Adblock Plus users, to prevent their ads from being blocked. Palant suggested altering his software to recognize a specific meta tag as a signal to bring up an in-line dialog box noting the site publisher's desire to prevent ad blocking. The user would then have to choose to respect that wish or not."
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