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Comment: Access (Score 1) 314

by hindumagic (#38674294) Attached to: The Coming Tech Battle Over 'Smart TVs'

Great. Now I'll get to root my TV. (and not that kind of root, you dirty brits)

This makes me both happy and sad. Happy since the challenge is there and sad since it is almost necessary to do so with every locked down, buggy, and poorly updated device. If it wasn't for the fanatical control over content, we would all be using amazing devices that have an open architecture where the best firmware for your usage pattern can shine. This is what drives me to rip all of my content to the format of my choice from DVD and CD, rather than purchasing the approved, vertically integrated formats (hello, Apple, Microsoft).

Comment: XBMC best media room app (Score 1) 87

by hindumagic (#35730110) Attached to: XBMC Gets a Dedicated Remote

Great to hear that they'll have their own dedicated remote - a necessary tool for a media PC, IMO. The tactile feel of the buttons is important and a dedicated remote should make setup a breeze.
What I love is the flexibility: I setup lircd from scratch, using my stereo receiver's remote. It took a few hours to configure since I had to teach it my remote's buttons, but the results are fantastic. One remote for the stereo, TV, and XBMC. That's all that's needed.

Comment: Bring out the clones! (Score 1) 34

by hindumagic (#33781860) Attached to: IBM High School To Churn Out IT Pros

Seriously, this is just sliding into some cyberpunk fantasy where the corporations own and run everything. IBM has a special school; these kids will be exploited as little codemonsters until they grow up and decide whether to move on or accept their predetermined lot in life. New grads are cheap, but you usually have to teach them how to acceptably code and work with your tools. Well, now IBM has that angle covered. Instant productivity!

I don't like it, but if that's your bag, I won't hold it against you. Another evolution of the big business model. I bet that it will do pretty well for them until all of the other big corporations jump on board.

Comment: XBMC frontend + MythTV backend (Score 1) 536

by hindumagic (#30305058) Attached to: Best PC DVR Software, For Any Platform?

I've run a MythTV media center solution for the past 5 years and recently rebuilt it. I found that the backend was great, but all of my issues were with the frontend and getting that to work to my satisfaction.

My rebuild is based on Gentoo again, but this time with XBMC as the frontend, and it is fantastic - full HiDef (1080p), surround sound setup. Installation was a snap and I had a fully working frontend solution including remote (on Gentoo!) within a day. I'm going to install a MythTV backend on the same box for recording over the air signals, but I'm not in a hurry to do so. My media center is now more focused on DVD viewing/storage and less TV these days. I'm done with cable. if only Linux could easily read BluRay...

Comment: Re:Reality injection (Score 1) 206

by hindumagic (#28536093) Attached to: In Canada, No Expectation of Privacy On the Net

Sure, they can obtain my phone number. But can they obtain all the numbers (and thus people) that I've called? THAT is what this is analogous to.

I'd be fine with it if all they wanted was my IP without being able to grab logs from any website that I could visit to compare them.

Linking your IP to your browsing habits is akin to recording who you called on the phone. It provides even more detail because they can derive what you were calling about based on the site's content. It is just one step from sniffing all your traffic once they link this data together.


+ - Creative works killed by copyright laws->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Did you ever think you would live in a world where there would be illegal knowledge and culture? Where powerful corporations could dictate what music you could listen to or what books you could read? Where those same unaccountable corporations could dictate what kind of art could be produced in the first place? It might surprise you to learn that you are already living in such a world. With only some exceptions, everything on this site violates copyright laws. However, if you do look at it, you just might ask yourself why this should be, and you may wonder how our individual rights have been jeopardized, and may be jeopardized further with the invocation of even more draconian Intellectual Monopoly (property) laws. A day after Michael Geist talks about Dealing with Unlawful Content, now the question is how do you deal with Unlawful Content that shouldn't be unlawful?"
Link to Original Source

+ - Genetically Engineered Maize Is Toxic

Submitted by gandracu
gandracu (951016) writes "It appears that a variety of Genetically Engineered maze produced by Monsanto is toxic for the liver and kidneys. What's worse, Monsanto knew about it, but tried to conceal the facts in its own publications. Greenpeace had to fight in court to obtain the incriminatory data and had it analyzed by a team of experts. MON863, the variety of GE maze in question, has been authorised for markets in Australia, Canada, China, Japan, Mexico, the Phillipines, and USA, besides the EU. Here is a link[PDF] to Greenpeace's brief on the study, and here is their account[PDF] of how the story was unearthed."
United States

+ - Very thoughtful intellectual property article

Submitted by scrollpane
scrollpane (162379) writes "This article in Harper's is the most well reasoned and thoughtful discussion of intellectual property I have read. It starts with a general discussion of artists copying — or being influenced by — other artists and moves on to discuss intellectual property from a variety of angles, including files sharing OSS, etc. Check it out."

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