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Comment: Who the Hell is steering this ship? (Score 4, Insightful) 349 349

First an interface that no body likes ...say hello to blocky windows 8 than a screw you charge for Office. Bill come back! The captain is steering into the reefs! Awww...screw it just go open source, spend half an hour learning the in's and out's and be free!

Comment: Problem is politics not population (Score 1) 473 473

This planet has enough resources to sustain billions more but not with the world sliced up and walled up by political self interests and governments that do squat for it's people. One world order? Hell if I know the answer but I do know what we have now isn't it. Suggestions?

Comment: Answer is obvious! (Score 2) 458 458

We have had enough of voodoo science and liberal agenda dweebs! The answer is obvious why the ice is melting. Bird poop and pee! That's right migrating sea birds land on the ice and after a meal of fish poop and pee to their hearts content and that my friends warms the ice and that is why its melting. My name is Rick Perry and I endorse this message.

Comment: Post PC world and UI (Score 1) 538 538

I'm seriously wondering if any of this will matter in a few more years. The PC becomes the tablet becomes the smart phone becomes the cloud becomes the....what exactly? We demand total integration with all our gadgets so it is inevitable that the first OS to fully do that wins. I totally expect to see integration between Windows and Linux soon and I'm not talking WINE.

Comment: Re:Got it wrong in one (Score 1) 317 317

Good point but my question would be what if the barrage of emails were ongoing and almost non-stop? Would that not constitute a willful 'mail bombing' with intent to shutdown their email server? If they are not able to, as you say "empty their mailboxes in a reasonable manner," then the intent is to do harm.

Experiments must be reproducible; they should all fail in the same way.