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Comment: Re:Nice summary (Score 4, Insightful) 278 278

Yes, the demands were exorbitant. The problem is that MS decided to immediately go to court rather than negotiate. Usually companies go back and forth and settle on a price. MS decided to short circuit that give and take and instead went straight to a court in Seattle. MS has never been one to compromise with anybody, and now all of a sudden when they have to negotiate with large companies they throw temper tantrums.

Comment: Re:Thank Edward Snowden (Score 2) 216 216

The 1946 decision to let Europeans wander among nations has done wonders for Europe... maybe we should consider the same thing here in the US?

I just want to share my agreement with this. If we promoted the idea of young people traveling around the United States then maybe we would not have these dumbass regional fights stalling our government. Although, the bigger issue seems to be generational, so maybe we should promote the idea of people transitioning between different generations?

Comment: Re:Five minutes after Monsanto Protection Act sign (Score 1) 679 679

I think that you have it backwards. Monsanto's modus operendi is to sue the farmers who have the impertinence to steal this technology from them and allow it to grow on their land. Normally a farmer who allowed these seeds to land on his property would be taken to court and made to pay the fees associated with using the seeds and then not allowed to use the seed without paying the license fees. Damn nature and her propensity to reproduce.

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