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Comment: Re:What was the point? (Score 1) 62

by higuita (#47271423) Attached to: Freecode Freezeup

Agree, what would help a lot freshmeat would be a automatic link to sourceforce, github and friends. Developers would upload a new version and (if possible) flag it as a release and freshmeat would publish it automatically. Or allow the "update via new release mailling list". Forcing someone to enter freshmeat to update is a pain and push away many projects or keep the DB from showing obsolete versions.
Also, with this integration, better changelogs could be possible
Finally, keep a list of possible alternative software would help people searching, as one project can be dying and one can quickly find alternatives to it.

Simple things that could improve frehmeat and increase his traffic.

But no, instead they try to catch windows users by changing the name... and let it die
if they really wanted to catch windows users, they would need to add the most common windows software and create a "freshmeat" application that would flag and update the windows software (think ninite, but with both the closed source software and all the open freashmeat software)

I too will miss it

Comment: Re:Better open source drivers, eh? (Score 1) 185

CURRENT open source drivers should work well on that card, get a more update distro or manually update the kernel, libdrm, mesa and possibly the xorg-ati driver. Also, this open drivers status is for Linux, for BSD the open status may not be as good due the missing/incomplete lower level support in the kernel

If it is failing on a recent distro, with recent kernel and mesa , you should open a bug (sometime fixing a bug on new cards can create another on older cards due the different features available)

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by higuita (#47001409) Attached to: New Battery Tech From Japan Could Supercharge EVs

That means there is little electrical resistance, which seems impossible if both electrodes are made of carbon. Metal has low electrical resistance. The electrical resistance of carbon is much higher.

Tell that to the graphene, to the nanotubes and to any superconductors build with high resistance (isolated) materials.

Most of the time, each material have different behaviour than simply the sum of all parts, the interaction between different atoms change their global proprieties

Comment: Re:Why swapping stations don't exist (Score 1) 81

by higuita (#47001175) Attached to: New Battery Tech From Japan Could Supercharge EVs

No, the battery charge cycle is really the main problem!

everything is expensive when is new, old gas station where also expensive, but when demands grow, so will the deployment.

The problem is that batteries are EXPENSIVE and that price must be paid during the lifetime of the baterry. This makes the all process very expensive, the price of gas is for many people cheaper than having a "monthly" subscription to replace batteries on "gas" stations. This keep the sales and the demand low and everything will keep being expensive and rare.

With longer batteries, their cost can be paid during more time, making everything cheaper (think in airplanes). With cheaper subscription more willl buy EV cars and the demand for gas stations will go up, reducing the deployment cost.

Standardization is quickly solved by the car builders if there is demand, or by the government (think in Europe) to speed up things. Just look to the LPG/GPL cars, they aren't many, but a standard for gas station was created without much trouble.

This problem is always the same: better batteries will solve most problems by improving the demand, being best by much higher energy density, or by being much cheaper or last much longer. If you can get 1 of this, is good, 2 is great, 3 would be as finding the holy grail

Also don't forget that you can also combine batteries, you can use the long lasting battery for the small charge cycles (breaking, plug-in anywhere, solar, etc) and use the high density ones for the nightly charge (and if needed, to keep the other battery on the optimum charge level)

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The old hardware is a useful metric, as no company or public entity will replace desktops each year, they must survive for several years.

in no place i said that one must buy only old hardware, just that companies have then and can use then longer than in windows.

if you want to buy recent machines, why not?
what hardware is missing linux support today? brand new 3D cards? Nvidia and AMD support then but closed drivers, Intel support then with open drivers ( AMD is in each new hardware iteration is releasing faster the open drivers, with the final objective of any latest distros version already have at least basic support for any hardware released). Those cards also don't show up in office workstation
The only things not supported i remember are "retina" displays, but those aren't also found in office workstations yet.

So in linux you can support BOTH older and new hardware. Top level, brand new hardware might not be perfect in linux... but people that want brand new high end machines right now will probably don't want linux too... is just not their style! :)

Comment: Re:There was also transition to Linux and... back (Score 3, Interesting) 264

They where using ancient versions of thunderbird and openoffice because of internal rules that didn't allowed upgrades... by doing this, of course any interoperability problem would get worst each year. They even report that updating most software would solve most problems...

So it was not a open source problem directly, but a internal planning and rules that caused the problems. I'm just guessing, but i suspect that the one that made the "no updates" rule didn't knew anything about computers or was already secretly preparing everything to cause problems and propose later a migration.

Comment: Re:Cheaper beer (Score 4, Insightful) 264

yeh, right, just because all those problems never happen in windows!!

and it is really just the reverse of what you said. Linux support better older hardware, when it gives errors, is easier to debug and if you have any problem, is a lot easier to verify the system (file checksum, OS and hardware) remotely and clone and replace the faulty desktop if needed. If it is a HD problem, you can even create a fallback network boot to keep the user working (slower, but working) until someone replaces the HD.

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i can crop and rotate just fine in LibreOffice...

the rotate is 90 jumps, not free rotate, but for a word processor i think that is OK
Crop, you have to go to the picture properties and choose what how much and where to crop. It's also not a free-on-the-fly crop, but then again, write is not a picture editing tool

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by higuita (#46928579) Attached to: Microsoft Cheaper To Use Than Open Source Software, UK CIO Says

Developers usually don't use the help, mostly because they developed it or just look at the source ... so no, this is not a obvious bug.

and again, if it crashes and you can reproduce the crash, you should report it... if it crashes for you, then it will for sure not crash on the developers, or else it was already fixed. Sometimes small tips on crashes make a big hidden bug go away.

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