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Comment: Re:Currently at Lawrence Berkeley National Laborat (Score 1) 54

by hierophanta (#43985365) Attached to: Man Creates ATLAS Detector From Lego Bricks
that is a replica

In October 2012, LBL had its Open House on the 12th. It would be a great exhibit to attract kids and adults alike and so I volunteered to build a copy of the ATLAS Lego Model for the Open House. The original Lego model was designed by Sascha Mehlhase and he maintains a website with information and a construction manual here.

Comment: Re:MOD ME DOWN!!! (Score 1, Troll) 136

by hierophanta (#43655273) Attached to: Box With Hidden Camera Travels Through the Mail
If ya dont like this site, or if it isnt meeting your needs what the hell is keep you here?

the fact that /. posts news that might be 2 days old is EXPECTED. that is what a new aggregation site DOES. its not like OP is complaining about months old stories (although that happens here too). what OP wrote is a step down from, 'i just read this in a journal, you guys are so out dated. look at me, i was cool before cool was cool. '

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