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+ - Microsoft China blatently Copies Plurk->

Submitted by
An anonymous reader writes "Microblogging startup Plurk may not have become hugely popular in these parts, where Twitter rules the lands, but it has been making strides in Asia. Recently, the fledgling company has gotten a feared competitor in the space with the launch of MSN Juku in China by the local Microsoft subsidiary, in a country where Plurk has notably been blocked since April this year."
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+ - Microsoft steals code from top Asian microblog-> 1

Submitted by TSHTF
TSHTF (953742) writes "Plurk reported today that Microsoft's new China MSN not only copied look and feel from its interface, but also copied raw code from Plurk's service. The story has been covered in multiple media sources. The software theft is more hypocritical, given Microsoft's past threats against Chinese software piracy."
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Comment: Re:Ok... (Score 1) 385

by hibernia (#28163747) Attached to: When Your Backhoe Cuts "Black" Fiber

It's state law in Nebraska to call before you dig ( Most other states should have something similar.

What the hotline does it send out notice to various utility companies and they look to see if it impacts them and do a locate if needed.

The rule of thumb, as I understand it, if they do the locate and you hit something not marked in the area you are digging, that particular utility that is at fault.

Comment: study abroad office (Score 1) 386

by hibernia (#26245485) Attached to: Study Abroad For Computer Science Majors?

Regardless of what is said here (pros/cons of going), talk to your school's study abroad office before applying for a program (your school's or another's).

Some schools have a number of hoops that need to be jumped through, financial aid status, etc.

At the least, they can walk you through the process of getting course equivalents set up, before going, so when you transfer the credit in you have things signed by faculty in your school saying the courses will count to your degree.

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