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Comment: Recording Bab5 Fandom (Score 1) 276

by hhawk (#46535681) Attached to: Interviews: Ask J. Michael Straczynski What You Will

A highlight of my early days online was when I asked (and your replied) to a question I had about how the Narn defeated the Shadows the previous war. I'm sure that many people had a similar reaction when you interacted with them. I was elated for days.

Has there or will there be an effort to edit/catalog and compile all of the fan interaction as part of the history of Bab 5? [This seems like a great task to hand over the your fans].

Comment: Social TV (Score 4, Interesting) 276

by hhawk (#46535583) Attached to: Interviews: Ask J. Michael Straczynski What You Will

For me, you are the father or grandfather of social TV, meaning the way you promoted Bab 5 (before, during and after) the series is more or less the methodology that many TV shows and movies have adapted. You maybe have been using NNTP (Network News) instead of Facebook or Twitter, but for me you are the first.

My question: in that context: What are show producers/runners not doing today with Social Media that they could or should be doing to engage and interact with fans?

Comment: Ads are not sold by the second... (Score 5, Insightful) 347

by hhawk (#46136829) Attached to: Super Bowl Ads: Worth the Price Or Waste of Time?

Ads are not sold by the second, but rather by a price per thousand viewers, known as CPM or Cost Per Thousand. On a CPM basis the Super Bowl ads are equal or below the cost of regular ads... If you want to reach a lot of people they can be an effective part of a marketing mix.

Comment: Bad PR client (Score 1) 350

by hhawk (#44626485) Attached to: Info Leak Wars To Get Messier

The US Government and the NSA, the UK government, Etc. are behaving badly and of course they are used to getting things their way. What I mean is that in public relations you have clients that understand that when the truth comes out, not matter how awful the best thing to do is to get out in front of the story with the actual real truth. Then you have clients who run from the truth, that is a bad client.

Telling more lies, half lies, lies of omission, threatening witnesses and reporters who are covering the story, Etc only make it worse.. Indeed that is what is happening here.. The government clearly isn't accepting that but until they do, there story will grow and grow and those telling the story will get stronger, gain more respect from the publics, Etc.

+ - TV's Future doesn't include broadcasting.. 1

Submitted by hhawk
hhawk (26580) writes "I've written about the future of TV since the early 1990's. I was inspired by Google's Chromecast, which I feel will help accelerate the demise of Broadcast TV. Models like YouTube, which provide free distribution and monetization is the classic "free" TV business model adapted for IP transport. I blog how at $35 the Chromecast makes model viable for 10's of millions of TV screens."

Comment: Re:Sunlight (Score 1) 347

by hhawk (#44436801) Attached to: Training Materials for NSA Spying Tool "XKeyScore" Revealed

I didn't promise nor did I describe an Utopian system. WIth the current system they could be blackmailing anyone, using it for insider trading, Etc. Etc., The NSA has said they can't SEARCH their own email system. They can search YOURS.. but not THEIR OWN..

Thus, even with a legitimate suing of them there just isn't any discovery! No opportunity to learn what they did, and when they did it.

My point again, if you can't stop them, and I just don't see how that is possible, the best case left is to pour in the sunlight..

Comment: Antifragile (Score 1) 66

by hhawk (#44172445) Attached to: The Simian Army and the Antifragile Organization

It's hard to explain for layer Antifragility are best built on layers of fragility.. meaning cells in a body are fragile but the body itself get's stronger when stressed (lifting weights, Etc.). The Netflix example is good, it's a bit like randoming pulling parts of a plane in flight and then after the crash making the next planes stronger.. it also leads to antifragility, but it's a strong stressor. .

Comment: Meta data - traffic analysis (Score 4, Insightful) 341

by hhawk (#43966619) Attached to: What Can You Find Out From Metadata?

The government has long wanted better, meaning highly reliable means of conducting traffic analysis... who knows who, who talks to whom, etc. You can use this data for good or bad.. you can use it to break past the limits in typical "cells"... you can find the path/person who links from one cell to another..

My own take is there is a enough personal data and information in meta data that use of it deprives us of our rights to be secure in our home and in our papers.. our communications with others, Etc.

Back in the days of the Clipper chip, the chip had done into wide spread use it's use would have given the NSA, Etc nearly perfect traffic analysis since each chip would have it's own unique and cryptographically signed ID. Fast forward, everyone walking around with a cell phone has an unique ID, several in fact including their phone #, and that's the value of all the meta data.. it's often more important than what is being said, it is who is talking to whom...

Knowing everyone who talked to OBL in say 1995 or 1990 or 1985 would be helpful to find his network in 2001 or 2002, Etc. It can be helpful when tracking bad guys, but it can be used to track anyone for any reason and find their entire network of friends and family.

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