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Journal Journal: protocols in the human machine

I have something really big brewing that I wish to dissemenate via this journal, but I'm waiting for the forces that be over at to put up a video in their online archive. Its a recording of John Chambers (cisco ceo), addressing a meeting of the National Governors Assocation,1169,C_PRESS_RELEASE%5ED_4054,00.html. I watched it online via cspan when it was still just

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Journal Journal: when i was born...

Re: Its cool that I was born pretty close to the time that personal computers were coming into existance (well 4 years after 1978). When I was actually born, personal computers still had no hard drive. Heh, but in those days, all u did was hack around on your machine. Itd be cool if u could find someone that hacked on a circular tape drive.

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Journal Journal: Doomsday and My Sig.

If you've ever seen my signature,

"One day, our computers and books were wiped away from us. Where would you begin"

You might wonder what its all about. Well....when I first started exposing myself to algorithms and technology (about 2 years ago), I had a beserk paranoid doomsday knee-jerk reaction.


Journal Journal: The key to programming 1

Even though this is retarded sounding, I think one of the keys to programming is what I like to call ' fencepost thinking'. I KNOW that so many of my programming errors result from the troubles associated with these fencepost errors (FE). I think there should be a course for any scientific degree that simply exposes the students to lots of fencepost type problems involving many layers of it.


Journal Journal: Ugh saturation 1

Here's a few things that I wish would just go away:

Hardware that comes out in cycles more than year.

I was thinking..."you know, what are some examples of systems that have already existed for a long time, and are just as complex as computers"? Well...basically, its not furniture. Its the automobile.

When you go for auto parts,for example, you ask for a clutch for a '94 honda civic, and they know exactly what you need.


Journal Journal: good thoughts

As to the debian vs. gentoo stuff...I didnt finish the comment, but basically Im pissed that gentoo REALLY reinvented a lot of wheels without trying to make use of debian's base of package maintainers. To this end, I think that _most_ of the whines of these herd mentality gentooers could be solved by debian having an i686 distro, so im rousing the debian-devel list on this (whereas the other gentooers could simply do with an version of debian's package management system rewritten in python to


Journal Journal: Gentoo is a thought virus 2

I noticed that theres like 400 people in the gentoo chatroom on freenode. Thats very close to the amount in debian.

I know what gentoo "is", a package system where you compile your own packages, but has the perks of dependency information.

So I go into this chatroom and ask:
are there any performance comparisons of gentoo vs. debian?

I get "not really".

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Journal Journal: sorry, but this is my evil

Here is some really horrible hate poetry out of the recesses of my conscious.
whats with that blank look your face shows me,
yeah, I feel that short sighted impatience from your cerebrum that i should worship as your anger

well, go fuck yourself some sympathy moron. yeah, a family.
please! eat some more meat onto you so you can beat me up even worse.


The life of a repo man is always intense.