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Comment: From the article (Score 0) 149

by hey_popey (#42115705) Attached to: Workers Raise First Section of New Chernobyl Shelter
"Originally, that was intended to be destroyed. But I think this (shelter) will be so impressive that even in 100 years people will come to look at it," Yeah, sure: "Honey, let's go take the kids near that radioactive site that was they covered by a shelter some guys build a 100 years ago" Seriously...?

+ - Ask Slashdot: Personal tape drive NAS?

Submitted by hey_popey
hey_popey (1285712) writes "I would like to piggyback on the previous "Ask Slashdot" question; do you know of any realistic way to use a tape drive solution at home, not as a backup, but as a regular NAS. I would like, for example, to save the torrents of my linux distributions on it, and at the same time, play the family videos on a computer.
It would seem at a first glance, that the transfer rates and capacity of Linear Tape-Open (1.5TB, 280MB/s in 2010) and the functionality of LTFS would allow me to do that, but I don't know the details, and if this would be economically viable."

Comment: Re:hmm (Score 4, Insightful) 228

by hey_popey (#40942929) Attached to: Upgrading Software From 350 Million Miles Away
Of course, not! They do it just for the lulz!
More seriously, for space systems and embedded systems in general, due to resource constraints on-board, you usually cannot fit all the functionality you would like to in one software image. So you keep only what is necessary for the first mission, and then you replace the obsolete ones with the next thing you want to do.
As a simplified example, when you launch a satellite, you will need it to deploy its solar arrays quickly (and do many initialization checks). When that is done, you could imagine changing this part of the software with something else...

Also, they might have had time planning constraints on the project, and needed to launch with a simpler first version of the software, while finalizing the second one. That does happen.

Comment: Re:isn't it ridiculous? (Score 2) 356

by hey_popey (#40866897) Attached to: Microsoft Drops 'Metro' Name For Windows 8 UI

clearly, the word is common and abstract enough that anyone can claim it's usage

Exactly. Usually, no trademark issues are raised when the two companies' activities are so different.
My guess in that case is that the German Metro wanted to avoid a splash of bad notoriety in case Windows 8 is a flop.

Comment: Re:Except (Score 0) 85

by hey_popey (#40695497) Attached to: Small, Big-Brained Animals Dodge Extinction

at least as measured by IQ

This is the most important part... Don't forget that our definition of intelligence today might be very different from the original "natural" one, as in "surviving in a wild environment". Maybe the bigger brain is better suited for the wildlife thing; from TFA: "Animals with larger brains relative to their body size have been shown to be more likely to thrive when introduced to new places"
On an another subject, I cannot find the curve they're referring to, to predict the brain size from the body's. From what I understand, it seems to be really curvy, not linear, so I am not sure it is that reliable for such predictions...Moreover, it is only applicable to mammals.

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