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Comment: What? (Score 0) 171

by hexghost (#37826120) Attached to: Analysis of Google Dart

and allow instant startup of applications (something Java has spent the last 15 years not delivering)

Was that ever promised? As a Java developer, I really don't remember seeing "INSTANT STARTUP!" on JDK release notes/upcoming feature list.

Hey, does Dart solve global warming? Cause that's something Google has yet to deliver in the last 5 years...

Comment: Re:Got my vote (Score 4, Informative) 681

by hexghost (#37413632) Attached to: US House 'Creator' of TSA Wants To Kill It

And why wouldn't the government feel it should regulate pollution?

"That would be difficult in a country where the government feels it has the right to interfere with the market at any time in any way for any reason. You can hardly blame the free market for screwups in a country where the government feels it has the right to control mercury and arsenic."

See how that sounds?

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