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Comment: Re: looser immigration laws (Score 1) 303

Caught you lying. There is something called a prevailing wage requirement. It is set by the government (USCIS) which sets it based on the actual average prevailing wage for that job description (and makes sure it is higher than the average). Secondly, no H1-B works for less than $70k unless he/she is a post-doc at a university (which I can tell you, is truly slave labor, my wife is one). But. I guess it's wrong to let facts get in the way of your pet notions.

Comment: Re:I like the idea (Score 1) 292

by heteromonomer (#44734375) Attached to: Lockbox Aims To NSA-Proof the Cloud
Very interesting. To a non-computer science person like me, this is actually mind blowing. Could you provide some (1-2) nice references for this? (Yeah I know, I could Google, but it has been my experience that when I am looking for scientific literature, Google is not comparable to a person in the field). Thanks.

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Start with trackmenot and go from there.

No Thank You. I used to use TMN for a while and many times it produced freakish stuff, not harmless looking garbage but the kind that would attract surveillance. Terrible Add On that you do not want unless you want the Feds knocking your door.

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by heteromonomer (#44370589) Attached to: The Last GUADEC?
That may be. The funniest thing is that Unity sucks even more. But still Unity is becoming popular (at least according to TFA).

The best thing I learned from TFA is that someone is developing an incognito version of CyanogenMod. When and if it gets rolled out, the guy deserves to be given money by every privacy-conscious Android user who decides to use it.

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