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Comment: Re:India (Score 1) 674

by hero_or_what (#33109436) Attached to: How many languages do you speak on a daily basis?

Same here but I'm in Bangalore. My mother tongue is Kannada and so I use that while conversing with my family. Plus its the same language locally. I know Telugu and Hindi - use it to converse with my friends at work. Plus we use English officially at work too.

I learnt Sanskrit as a kid (don't remember most of it now), that makes it 5 languages. I don't think I'm unique but pretty much sums up every Middle Class South Indian I know who works in an Urban area. Most Autorickshaw drivers know atleast Kannada and Hindi, with a bit of English.

So, if this poll was made in South India, we would get 3 from most of the population.

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