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Comment: Switching from Slackware? (Score 1) 235

by heri0n (#30245418) Attached to: FreeBSD 8.0 Released
I use slackware for my home web server / ssh-ing and torrenting from work. I have always been interested in BSDs but never really bothered to try it out. From what I understand Slackware is pretty similar to BSDs (do it yourself/rc.* scripts). What would be the main advantages of switching to a BSD? The ports system?

Comment: News? (Score 1) 814

by heri0n (#29660529) Attached to: Most Mac Owners Also Own a Windows PC, But Not Vice Versa
How's this news? It's pretty common knowledge that > 90% or even 95% of home computers 10 years ago were PCs, there weren't many alternatives. OS X was released in 2002, about 7 years ago and since then Macs have steadily gained popularity... Also, whenever there is a Mac/PC article why do we always get into a flame fest of, "an equivalently specced PC would cost the same" or "no, Macs are way more expensive". Who cares!? Just buy what you prefer and shut up about it.

Comment: Pajitnov bad man (Score 3, Interesting) 177

by heri0n (#28183559) Attached to: <em>Tetris</em> Turns 25
This is also a guy who screwed his friends over once he made the big bucks. Vladimir Pokhilko [] eventually killed his family and himself. Vadim Gerasimov [] who ported the original game to MSDOS and was one of the original developers did not receive any credit for his work. I have been playing Tetris a lot lately on Nintendo DS and on Facebook and love it. However, I hate Pajitnov for not making this game more freely available. I used to play Tetris on a Korean gaming site (it was also available on similar site These versions were also highly addictive and had a huge userbase (easily over 10,000 users). They were shut down due to threats of legal action from the Tetris company... If Tetris were only released under the GPL... (Hangame has licensed tetris since)

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