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Comment: Re:Poorly written summary (Score 1) 164

by henrygb (#31285590) Attached to: Leak Shows US Lead Opponent of ACTA Transparency
The final paragraph of the Dutch note is confused about Denmark. It starts saying the UK (VK in Dutch) called for transparency and was supported by FIN, FRA, NL, ZWE, OOS, HON, DK, ITA, IER, POL, BEL, POR. Later it says the UK thought there was a consensus for transparency but BE, POR, DK & DUI resisted, that DUI, BE & POR might be flexible but DK was firmly against.

Comment: Not that exciting? (Score 4, Informative) 255

by henrygb (#26388433) Attached to: First Flight of Jet Powered By Algae-Fuel
It is well known that biofuels can (at a cost) be refined to meet most specifications. Providing there is some mineral fuel in the blend to prevent microbial contamination and growth, using this should cause no problems apart from cost. But since jet kerosene is generally untaxed, it is harder to subsidise biofuel replacements than it is for road fuels.

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