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Comment: Integration issues (Score 5, Informative) 361

by henrikba (#28276119) Attached to: Apple Removes Nearly All Reference To ZFS
The Known Issues and Features in the Works page for ZFS on MacOSforge explains the situation pretty well. Integrating ZFS into MacOSX isn't just a matter of creating a device driver. Time Machine, Finder, Spotlight and other core OS products needs to support ZFS features explicitly, since ZFS behaves a lot differently from HFS+.

Ender in Exile 507 Screenshot-sm

Posted by samzenpus
from the read-all-about-it dept.
stoolpigeon writes "Orson Scott Card's work Ender's Game began as a novelette, which he says he wrote as a means of leading up to the full story he had developed, Speaker for the Dead. Ender's Game was published as a full novel in 1985, and won the Hugo and Nebula awards (as did Speaker for the Dead in '86 and '87). I think it is safe to say that Ender's Game is ensconced in its position as a science fiction classic. Now, 23 years later, Card has finished the first direct sequel to Ender's Game in his new novel Ender in Exile." Keep reading for the rest of JR's review.
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+ - Dillo Web Browser Updated At Last->

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Kelson writes: "More than two years after the last release, Dillo 2 is now available. The open-source web browser was launched in 1999 with the goal of enabling access to the web without massive hardware or software requirements. Eventually, its reliance on GTK+ (GTK2 was deemed too heavy for its goals) and lack of funding led to a development freeze in 2007. The project relaunched with a port to FLTK, and has caught up with features such as tabbed browsing, multiple character-set support, and major improvements to rendering, UI, and memory usage. The project is currently seeking developers."
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Japan to Start Fingerprinting Foreign Travelers 520

Posted by Zonk
from the welcome-to-the-country-you-get-to-leave-a-piece-behind dept.
rabiddeity writes "If you're planning to visit Japan sometime in the near future, you should be aware of the welcome you'll get. Last year, Japan's parliament passed a measure requiring foreigners to submit their fingerprints when entering the country. The measures, which apply to all foreigners over 16 regardless of visa status, take effect tomorrow. The worst part: the fingerprints are stored in a national database for an "unspecified time", and will be made available to both domestic police and foreign governments."
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Hacker Turns $300 Apple TV into Cheapest Mac Ever 169

Posted by Zonk
from the another-bite-at-the-buck dept.
An anonymous reader wrote with a link to a Wired story about a fun play-along-at-home project: Turning Apple TV into a very tiny workable computer. "Apple TV is dead, long live the Mac Nano. Sort of. Just two weeks after Apple released its streaming media box to the public, hackers successfully installed OS X, Apple's desktop operating system, on the $300 device, making it the cheapest PC Cupertino has ever sold. 'The breakthrough is done, OS X runs on Apple TV!' wrote Semthex, the anonymous hacker responsible for the mod, at his website. 'Now we got (the) low-budget Mac we ever wanted.'"

FlipStart to Replace Your Laptop? 249

Posted by ScuttleMonkey
from the smaller-is-better dept.
WED Fan writes "Paul Allen has a new hardware venture, smaller than a laptop, larger than a blackberry. According to the Seattle P-I, the vision is to replace the laptop for most everyday use, such as office applications, email, and web surfing. 'Really, FlipStart gives you everything that your laptop does [...] We're not promoting the idea that you would do CAD design on it, but for Office applications and most of what people do with their laptops, it's great.' But at a $2000 price tag, this could be a little bit out of the range of many users. The product will launch on FlipStart.com in the not to distant future."

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