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Comment: Re:I liked the old fullsize sims better (Score 1) 144

by heneon (#39441307) Attached to: Apple vs. Nokia, RIM and Motorola On Nano-SIM Standard
Heh, I had forgotten about those full size cards, but you're right, they were easy to store and swap. When the new cards where you popped the small sim from the large card started to appear, I thought the small sims are soo easy to get lost. And now /they/ are the large ones. I haven't even seen a microsim irl yet. I feel old.

Comment: Was the real data transfer amount zero, then? (Score 2) 265

by heneon (#35078720) Attached to: AT&T Sued For Systematic iPhone Overbilling
Tfa didnt say how much data was transferred during that period (or was that 2 megs pulled totally from the hat). Not having ever used an iPhone I suppose there is some sort of a counter you can reset to see how much data is transferred. Is the all apps off supposed to stop all activity or is there still some background programs accessing the data network occasionally?

Comment: Re:Technology is already used in Japan (Score 1) 124

by heneon (#34348902) Attached to: PayPal Demos Auto-Debit Gumball Machine
And at least you used to be able to order a pizza on a phone you just borrowed from someone on the street, for "an important call". Then give the phone back to the owner, walk to the pizza place, grab your pizza and the phone owner pays it in the phone bill. I am not sure if that is still possible, though...

Comment: mobile site still up (Score 1) 1

by heneon (#33680592) Attached to: Facebook is down is still up and running; just logged in from my phone (I'm sitting in toilet reading slashdot) and everything was in good order with my fb account. To think of it... Last time I logged in was couple of weeks ago when was down and I was checking the mobile version.

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