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+ - iWoz by Steve Wozniak Book Review->

Submitted by helix2301
helix2301 (1105613) writes "iWoz is a life story written by Steve Wozniak by well himself. We all have heard the stories of Apple but I think this book really gives you an insight into Steve Wozniak the person. I never knew so much about Steve Wozniak the person until I read this book. I knew his Apple stories but never his personal life.

Steve Wozniak really takes a deep look into his education talking about math his science projects and his college years and of course his college pranks. Steve Wozniak talks about his deep love of electronics and love of engineering. Steve talks about both his parents and how influential they were in his upbringing and education.

I loved his stories about creating a dial a joke number and using his blue box to call long distance numbers to listen to jokes. I really enjoyed his section about answering machines and picking easy phone numbers for jokes.

Steve Wozniak talks about his time at Hewlett Packard and creating calculators there and his love of working at HP and how great it was and all the fun things he did there and loved. He talks about how he left HP and moved on to Apple.

Steve Wozniak dives into his relationships with his wives and the love of his children. He talks about child hood development and his love of teaching and education.

Steve Wozniak writes about his journey of life after Apple and his work on the first universal remote.

I loved this book I would definably make this required reading for anyone with love of apple products. If you have an iPhone, iMac or iPad this will give you respect for the man who founded the first Apple products the Apple 1 and Apple 2."

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Comment: Re:Typical (Score 1) 57

by helix2301 (#48774711) Attached to: Microsoft Restricts Advanced Notification of Patch Tuesday Updates
I am thinking the same thing as ganjadude it gives hackers an extra few days to exploit those holes before there patched. For security reasons I understand but people have gotten so used to the old process. I been saying for a few years now why give away the security holes before the patches come out I agree with Microsoft on this change.

+ - Google sees biggest search traffic drop since 2009 as Yahoo gains ground->

Submitted by helix2301
helix2301 (1105613) writes "Google's grip on the Internet search market loosened in December, as the search engine saw its largest drop since 2009. That loss was Yahoo's gain, as the Marissa Mayer-helmed company added almost 2% from November to December to bring its market share back into double digits. Google's lead remains overwhelming, with just more than three-quarters of search, according to SatCounter Global Stats. Microsoft's Bing gained some momentum to take 12.5% of the market. Yahoo now has 10.4%. All other search engines combined to take 1.9%."
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+ - ARRL Investigating Web Server Breach->

Submitted by helix2301
helix2301 (1105613) writes "The ARRL reports that its web servers were the victim of a hacking attack in late September. According to the ARRL Letter, IT Manager Mike Keane, K1MK, said the affected servers were taken offline and isolated from the Internet when the breach was discovered. He said no sensitive personal information was affected, but still urged members who have not updated their passwords since April 2010 to do so now."
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+ - IBM Paying $1.5 Billion to Shed Its Chip Division->

Submitted by helix2301
helix2301 (1105613) writes "IBM will pay $1.5 billion to Globalfoundries in order to shed its costly chip division. IBM will make payments to the chipmaker over three years, but it took a $4.7 billion charge for the third quarter when it reported earnings Monday. The company fell short of Wall Street profit expectations and revenue slid 4 percent, sending shares down 8 percent before the opening bell."
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Comment: Re:How are those kind of things patentable? (Score 1) 406

by helix2301 (#46462553) Attached to: Apple Demands $40 Per Samsung Phone For 5 Software Patents
Microsoft been doing the same thing for years back in 2006 and 2007 Microsoft was on a patent kick taking everyone to court. It stopped when Microsoft got taken to court over a patent issue with Office 2007 they were forced to payout which ended the patent tare Microsoft was on.

Comment: Re:The post alludes to a flaw in xml-rpc, but... (Score 1) 58

by helix2301 (#46462515) Attached to: Large DDoS Attack Brings WordPress Pingback Abuse Back Into Spotlight
We turn off comments and pingbacks because of just the pure amount of spam we were constantly dealing with on a regular basis. I agree this looks like a Wordpress flaw not an xml-rpc issue drupal or dotnetnuke are not having the same issue on there platforms.

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