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Comment: Re:I have the same problem with a different twist (Score 1) 287

by helios17 (#46435415) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Linux For Grandma?
I'm not sure I am understanding the issue with streaming on Linux. We cut the cable cord six months ago, and almost everything we watch are TV shows or movies available from, uh....alternative streaming sites. (

To do so we use Google Chrome with the absolutely necessary adblock plus. The last thing we want is mom or grandma to be invited for a chat by a scantily-clad lady from Russia. But for streamingI don't think we've had issues at all. Maybe the rare popup or popunder but that's about it. We've never had a streaming video fail due to the lack of a plugin or application. Our 32 inch Samsung monitor is our TV in the living room as it's small and cozy...anything larger would be overpowering for that space. Of course, a Roku is handy as well, but we only use ours maybe 30% of the time. Chromecast is also a great and inexpensive addition as the Chrome extension allows playback from computer to TV screen. The rest we watch on, uh...those alternative streaming sites.

+ - Ask Slashdot: With grants drying up, how is a tech non profit to survive? 2

Submitted by helios17
helios17 (617082) writes "Non Profits like this have traditionally gotten started from the money grants provide. Most grants award vehicles, computers and even pay for organization rental and utility costs. The problem fledgling and even established non profits are encountering is the dwindling number of grants allowing for Operating or General Support costs. What good is a vehicle received via grant if you can't afford to put fuel in it?

With the number of Operating or General Support grants shrinking and those available funds competed for heavily, should we be looking on line for help? Can efforts like this be a better way to approach it?"

efforts such as this"

Comment: What makes Paypal work for a lot of us... (Score 1) 175

by helios17 (#42659939) Attached to: PayPal Preparing To Address Frozen Funds Policy
Paypal issues a debit card, funds that can be drawn on just like your bank account. A lot of folks who want to stay off the major grid or have bad credit and who have less than 5K earnings a year find that having a debit card is important. My youngest daughter is a college student and when she needs money, I transfer money from my Paypal account to hers and she can draw that money via her debit card the instant I make the transfer. I think that if anyone else offered a competitive service without all the bloodsucking, they would probably do well. The debit card for many, is often worth the risk of Paypal losing their fucking minds and locking your money up for 180 days.

Comment: One thing they may have a bit of trouble doing.... (Score 1) 308

by helios17 (#42206355) Attached to: MPAA: the Impact of Megaupload's Shutdown Was 'Massive'
While torrent sites might be in the gunsights of the **AA's, more and more streaming sites are popping up and popping up with domains and locations that are not particularly friendly to US copyright and IP law. The ones with .com and .org addresses are probably going to be shredded, but the ones that reside outside of US interests will probably be safe for quite a while. I haven't downloaded anything via bittorrent aside from Linux ISO's for ages. Extensions like Video Downloadhelper gives me sufficient means and quality when I download the flv or MP4 file from a streaming site, and they play superbly on my 42 inch Samsung.

Comment: Re:Rats. (Score 1) 417

by helios17 (#41982495) Attached to: Windows Chief Steven Sinofsky Leaves Microsoft
I was fortunate enough and honored to deliver the Texas Linux Fest Keynote two years ago. While a developing throat cancer impeded my speaking and breathing ability, it was still an honor. We talked about naming conventions at length. Sure there are some odd-named products in the Windows world but at least I can pronounce most of them. The Wink and Nod developers give to each other for their app naming schemes might be cute but it's lost on the public. it only tends to extend the belief that Linux is an operating system developed by and for other developers.

Comment: Move to and copy to. (Score 1) 327

by helios17 (#41262747) Attached to: GNOME 3.6 To Include Major Revisions
I do hope they have mimicked Dolphin with Move to and Copy to in the context menu. Currently, Nautilus only offers Desktop and Home as destinations for these. Dolphin offers all sub folders under the Home Directory and the mouse slides smoothly to present these options. Bang-click, you are done in two clicks. It was short-sighted at the least and silly to only offer two places to copy and move files. Sure there are scripts to add additional destinations but that only adds a gui to choose the file destination and takes about three extra clicks to make it happen. Scripts by the way that are notorious for breaking on an update or upgrade. By that time, I could have hit F3 and just moved or copied the files manually via split screen. Oh wait, they are removing the split screen option in Nautilus 3.6. Never mind. That makes adding the sub-folders even more important, but with Gnome's drive to remove features instead of adding them, I am not hopeful.

Comment: Tor isn't mentioned specifically (Score 1) 309

by helios17 (#41237081) Attached to: Most Torrent Downloaders Are Monitored, Study Finds
I got one of those "Never do that again" warnings for torrent downloading from Time Warner a while back and they would not restore my Internet connection until I clicked the "I agree" button at the bottom of the warning. Started using Tor and downloaded the crap out of stuff to see if I got a second warning. Haven't had a problem since but then again, I've started going to to get most of my tv series and movie needs.

+ - Fix Android on Samsung Galaxy S3 reports SD card damaged->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Just minutes ago I had a pending upgrade for my Samsung Galaxy S 3 Android. After the update the device asked for a resart and then entered into some upgrading please wait status.All good, after 100% the device started and it reported the my 32 gb sd card is damaged and that i have to format it in order to be usable again.NO WAY!?Everyone has tons of things on 32 gb of dataSo after some failed attempts i fixed it. Here’s how:more at"
Link to Original Source

Comment: Yep, your right on here. (Score 1) 202

by helios17 (#40738971) Attached to: Three-Strikes Copyright Law In NZ Halves Infringement
I haven't torrented anything in a long time. With sites such as, I can watch the TV programs I usually watch without the hassle of DVR or worrying about being home in time to catch it in real time on TV. Since I despise commercials more than anything else, Fastpasstv has given me options I never had before. As well, when traffic congestion and buffering become a problem, browser extensions like Video Downloadhelper allow me to download the file in flv format and watch it at my convenience and without the stuttering. As for music, I am an old fart and hopelessly lost in the 60's and 70's. I ahem....obtained all the music I care to listen to years ago. I haven't heard anything since the mid 90's that I would consider worthy of my consumer dollar anyway. Yep, the offshore sites like Fastpasstv are hard to shutdown as well. They've been hit and have moved twice in the past year I believe but it only takes them 72 hours to get up and running again. So maybe NZ might have seen a substantial decrease in "pirate traffic", but then again, people who lose their access to entertainment will immediately seek alternatives. I think this is probably what happened...they just switched the way they do it.

Comment: Re:Drone Strikes are "Cowardly Attacks" to the Eas (Score 1) 257

by helios17 (#40275383) Attached to: Drones, Computer Viruses and Blowback
"they are widely seen as a "Coward's Way of Fighting...'

And strapping a bomb onto your torso and killing dozens of innocent shoppers in a bazaar isn't? I'm not saying it's ideal or even right but I'd take my chances with the precision of a drone over that of a religious zealot any day.
Just sayin"....

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