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+ - Ask Slashdot: With grants drying up, how is a tech non profit to survive? 2

Submitted by helios17
helios17 (617082) writes "Non Profits like this have traditionally gotten started from the money grants provide. Most grants award vehicles, computers and even pay for organization rental and utility costs. The problem fledgling and even established non profits are encountering is the dwindling number of grants allowing for Operating or General Support costs. What good is a vehicle received via grant if you can't afford to put fuel in it?

With the number of Operating or General Support grants shrinking and those available funds competed for heavily, should we be looking on line for help? Can efforts like this be a better way to approach it?"

efforts such as this"

+ - Ask Slashdot: Can you name this app?->

Submitted by
helios17 writes "Recently, an Austin Texas non profit took on the task of seeking software developers to aid in an application to help autistic kids learn to use a mouse. The HeliOS Project works with all financially disadvantaged kids but recently they have noted that some autistic kids cannot grasp the concept of the mouse. They have begun the development cycle with coders, academics and testers volunteering for the project but the one thing they cannot do is come up with a name for the app. That's why they come to the community at large to give them a hand"
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+ - Linux Marketing Campaign Seeks $350k in 40 Days

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helios17 writes "Lobby4Linux announced an ambitious project to raise $350,000 or more to sponsor "Team Linux" with a big logo on the side of an Indy 500 race car. The Tux 500 project combines the efforts of volunteers at Lobby4Linux, Bob Moore, a visible GNU/Linux administrator, and Acceleration Marketing to sponsor the race car. If the group raises the money in 40 days to become a primary sponsor, the Linux name stands to reach millions of households. The Team Linux effort is not about marketing Red Hat or Novell to IT professionals; it is about making GNU/Linux a household name. tml"

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