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  • And best wishes for the future.
  • Y'all smile allot alike, I guess ya gots da same reason ..., not that I would know much about that happy reason, but I can better understand now; why we are all tempted to be joyful by a couple's smile. May y'all always smile together, Mozeltoph!!

  • (and I am not talking about the game.) Congratulations to you both.

    I was walking on a railroad just the other day, and thought about you. In fact, thinking about it, that was probably on the 20th! hehe. I'm glad to see such a happy moment in your life, and that your lovely kitty is still doing well.

    May you and Shelly continue to have long, happy lives together.
  • Charlie, congratulations to you and Shelly.

  • Does she share your passion for trains, or was the train themed wedding just for you?
    • She grew up with an uncle with a great interest in trains. So meeting me wasn't anything new and she is into certain aspects more than I am, but overall I win for the level of train interest. She's a big Lucille Ball fan, btw. And, I share in that to the same extent that she shares in trains. It's not hard to do, I Love Lucy is still funny in this day and age so what's not to like?

      She wanted a unique wedding, and a fun time for everyone, above all else. We looked at many other options, but this one was
  • Best wishes to th' happy couple.

    Did she railroad you into it? Har har har.

    (Enjoy the veal!)



  • My most sincere congratulations. You have a gorgeous wife :-D I wish you many happy years.
  • That's cool that you married on a train.
  • Everyone looked great!
  • Good times - did I see that the train was moving in some of the wedding shots?
    • Yep, we got hitched as the train was rolling along. The train goes to the town of Paradise, PA. Thus, we got married on the way to paradise.

      I like to add that it's been all uphill from there...
  • Awesome man! Congrats, hope all is well.

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