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Comment Re:Time investment (Score 2) 182

I got into this a few weeks ago as well. Mine was threw an easter egg hidden on one of their site pages. It was in the middle of a work mess so I only ended up ever completing 2 of the tests. You do have the option of logging in via google account so I'm sure they already know allll about me.

Comment Re:I installed it (Score 1) 147

I am reviewing a complete software package that has a base OS, UI, file explorer, browser, etc. As an every day user I don't care if they tweaked handling device drivers that crash or made memory usage 2% more efficient. Do I want those, sure, but they fall into the list that you expect to just work. The UI is what I interact with every day. Did the screw with it more in a good way or a bad way? That is what everyone wanted to know and why so many people installed it.

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