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Comment: Re:Security and Market Dominance by Obscurity (Score 0) 118

by headqtrs (#44037093) Attached to: Scores of Vulnerable SAP Deployments Uncovered

This is definitely not true. Go to, register yourself and then go to the Downloads section. You will find express editions to your hearts content.

But, please be prepared to sink huge amounts of time and be very frustrated: The learning curve is very steep....


Mozilla Rolls Out Firefox 3.6 RC, Nears Final 145

Posted by Soulskill
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CWmike writes "Mozilla has shipped a release candidate build of Firefox 3.6 that, barring problems, will become the final, finished version of the upgrade. Firefox 3.6 RC1, which followed a run of betas that started in early November, features nearly 100 bug fixes from the fifth beta that Mozilla issued Dec. 17. The fixes resolved numerous crash bugs, including one that brought down the browser when it was steered to Yahoo's front page. Another fix removed a small amount of code owned by Microsoft from Firefox. The code was pointed out by a Mozilla contributor, and after digging, another developer found the original Microsoft license agreement. 'Amusingly enough, it's actually really permissive. Really the only part that's problematic is the agreement to "include the copyright notice ... on your product label and as a part of the sign-on message for your software product,"' wrote Kyle Huey on Mozilla's Bugzilla. Even so, others working on the bug said the code needed to be replaced with Mozilla's own."

Living In Tokyo's Capsule Hotels 269

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afabbro writes "Capsule Hotel Shinjuku 510 once offered a night’s refuge to salarymen who had missed the last train home. Now with Japan enduring its worst recession since World War II, it is becoming an affordable option for people with nowhere else to go. The Hotel 510’s capsules are only 6 1/2 feet long by 5 feet wide. Guests must keep possessions, like shirts and shaving cream, in lockers outside of the capsules. Atsushi Nakanishi, jobless since Christmas says, 'It’s just a place to crawl into and sleep. You get used to it.'”

Net Users In Belarus May Soon Have To Register 89

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Cwix writes "A new law proposed in Belarus would require all net users and online publications to register with the state: 'Belarus' authoritarian leader is promising to toughen regulation of the Internet and its users in an apparent effort to exert control over the last fully free medium in the former Soviet state. He told journalists that a new Internet bill, proposed Tuesday, would require the registration and identification of all online publications and of each Web user, including visitors to Internet cafes. Web service providers would have to report this information to police, courts, and special services.'"

+ - Web slows after Jackson's death

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Kiran writes "As reported by BBC, many sites like google, twitter, TMZ etc have crashed after the news.
Google:It warned users "your query looks similar to automated requests from a computer virus or spyware application".
Twitter:The microblogging service Twitter crashed with the sheer volume of people using the service.
TMZ: TMZ, the popular celebrity gossip site that broke the story following a tip-off that a paramedic had visited the singers home also crashed.
Others: Keynote Systems reported that its monitoring showed performance problems for the web sites of AOL, CBS, CNN, MSNBC and Yahoo."

Comment: Literal quote of the constitution (Score 0) 235

by headqtrs (#27684515) Attached to: Germany Institutes Censorship Infrastructure

"Eine Zensur findet nicht statt".

Translated: "There will not be censorship". All ministers and parliamentarians swear an oath to uphold the Constitution. Although not a German, I never knew that there were two Constitutions here in Germany. One for the populace and the real one for the ruling classes....

Comment: Capital One fucked up (Score 0) 322

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That's the most probable reason. The other reason is a man-in-the-middle attack. There is no way to discern the difference from your side.

Anyway, it's time to change your bank. This is a grave error and it's probably not the only one. Clearly, Capital One is a disaster waiting to happen. Don't be a victim in that case!

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