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Comment Slashdot Arrives Late To The Party As Usual (Score 1) 330

The walls are buzzing. I know this because I have a magnet implanted in my hand and whenever I reach near an outlet I can feel them.

I enjoy doing laundry about as much as doing dishes. I get my clothing custom made in China for prices you would not believe and have new ones regularly shipped to me. Thanks to synthetic fabrics it takes less water to make my clothes than it would to wash them, and I donate my used garments.

How I Gave Up Alternating Current

555 posters at Ars Technica spent a glorious summer's day ripping Rhinehart to shreds. Op-ed: How I gave up alternating current

"I'm an idiot who doesn't understand the energy footprint of Soylent Green and shipping cotton to china for cheap underwear, then shipping those underwear to my house on a weekly basis. I am so far up the ass of my OCD neurosis that I am living a contrafactual life and pretending it's not destroying the world."

Comment Re:Remember when the Internet was uncontrolled? (Score 1) 107

[Remember] when USENET, IRC, and other mediums that were hard to censor were the rule rather than the exception?

I remember hating the geek's frustrating, jargon-ridden, clients for these services with the passion of a thousand suns. I used them only because they were serviceable over very low bandwidth connections.

If the Internet looks different now, the geek has only himself to blame.

Comment Democratic temperature election (Score 1) 342

Give everyone in the office a vote every 30 minutes. The unused votes accumulate up to a months worth. The election determines if and how the temperature changes during that period. Add a time window during which there aren't normally workers in the office and set a baseline temp based on energy conservation, if there are any votes during that period the baseline is overruled and reverts to the last temp of "in office" hours for maybe 4 periods to be extended with any additional periods with votes.

The theromostat automatically drifts to the most stable temperature range everyone is good with and both accounts for empty offices and people working late. This minimizes people with big thermal swings causing big swings in office temp so there is no need for dummy thermostats.

Comment 75 seems pretty reasonable (Score 1) 342

It's a nice comfortable temperature for the house in summer. As for winter, wear a coat during the trips to and from the car and wear summer like clothes underneath. Drop the requirements for formal wear from the office dress code altogether. In most cases, drop the requirement to go to the office altogether.

Comment Re:Peh (Score 0) 342

"Those men can not remove clothes to become cooler without incurring the wrath of HR (quite rightly)."

They can't remove clothes but there is nothing right about dressing cooler being something that incurs the wrath of HR. We could as a society get rid of the suits and antiquated formal wear that men are expected to wear in the office. Seems preferable to contributing to global warming.

Comment Re:Another kook (Score 1) 510

Note, the ATF (and I guess now ITAR) is who determines if what you are doing constitutes "for personal use" on a case-by-case basis.

Basically, you run in to the problem as a drug user who stocks up to minimize his risk. If you have too much they could decide it automatically proves your intention to distribute with no additional evidence.

Comment Re:Another kook (Score 1) 510

"However, I have added scopes to a number of rifles that did not come with them. I wonder what the take is on add-on laser scopes? How about if you have rails and attach a scope? Is a pointing device a scope?"

You are probably fine. You can still "manufacture" by yourself for personal use. In practice this mostly impacts those with an FFL who do what was "gunsmithing" but is now called "gun manufacturing". Most FFL 01's are individuals without shops who just source from wholesalers and can legally receive transfers for people shopping online. Maybe you clean it up to get shavings out and check it over. Possibly do some minor trigger cleanup and that kind of thing. The FFL isn't what makes you subject to the requirement but it is what makes you easy to find.

At first people jumped to the FFL 07 which is double the cost but covers "manufacturing". Plus they could pick up a couple hundred bucks here and there drilling out an AR lower, stamping with a serial (logging of course) and building a custom rifle out of it for someone. Then ITAR starting cracking down on people with the 07 who weren't registered with them. As far as I know this is the only place it's been enforced so far.

It would legally kick in if you helped a buddy who was just getting in to shooting put on a quad rail, drill out an AR lower, or even install a scope.

Comment Re:50m 200ft (Score 1) 510

You are naming off a few very specific circumstance exceptions. These won't even necessarily be the same in two different counties let alone two different states. They wouldn't apply pretty much anywhere if a tag where put on the car, a "I'll be back for this stuff later" uttered, or any form of meeting of minds regarding the safe return of property entrusted to the friend.

The point is not whether there are circumstances under which you can dispose of someones property when it's on your property. The point is that something being on your property does not automatically entitle you to do what you wish with it by virtue of that fact alone. Even when you do have the right to dispose of the property, doing so in a way that intentionally reduces it's value can incur civil damages that can be recouped in small claims court.

A toy RC copter being interactively and legally flown in air space that happens to be over your property is definitely not abandoned or entrusted without contract. You aren't entitled to cause several hundred dollars in property damage to it for shits and giggles.

Comment Re:Microsoft (Score 2) 177

And you know what, nobody cares. I don't mean to sound rude, but whatever BB's benefits as an Android device, even BB doesn't believe them anymore as it plans to release actual Android devices. And really, it's irrelevant, as the company is basically running on fumes now. Chen's keeping it afloat by selling off assets and firing people. No wonder they have to build an Android phone, their R&D department probably isn't capable of keeping the QNX-based OS going.

Comment Re:It worked (Score 1) 177

Except no one is buying Windows Phones. They want iPhones and Androids. One has to wonder how many billions of dollars MS has blown trying to become a big smart device player. How long will their shareholders tolerate them dumping vast sums into dubious projects?

For chrissakes, has the Xbox division actually paid off the huge investments MS threw into that division? I don't mean have the last seven or eight quarters been in the black, I mean has it actually paid for itself?

Comment Re:Microsoft (Score 2) 177

Yes, it's called Android compatibility. The only successful handsets with any significant market share that don't run Android are iOS devices. In fact, what that tells me is that if you aren't Apple, you pretty much need to be Android. Even BlackBerry, though two or three years too late, has figured that out.

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