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Comment: Re:"those wishing to support GNOME" HAH! (Score 1) 693

by hduff (#46740877) Attached to: The GNOME Foundation Is Running Out of Money

For those of us who wish to hasten the death of GNOME, is there anything we can do?

Yes. Contribute money so they don't change the way they do business.

Agreed; bail them out. They will not learn any lesson from their poor decisions and will perpetuate them.

This same divergence from their core mission was responsible for the downfall of Mandriva who spent their IPO money on "remote learning" technologies and abandoned their community of loyal users to "do it their own way" because they "knew better".

Comment: Re:This should rope in literally a handful of crot (Score 2) 55

by hduff (#46520435) Attached to: To Add Linux Support

The dosbox configs for example have no consistency in the style department, so you actually have to understand them in order to write the new one.

Rather than just complain, you could contrinute better DOSBOX configs back to the GOG community and encourage GOG to write to a higher standard by example.

Comment: PlayOnLinux (Score 5, Informative) 55

by hduff (#46520421) Attached to: To Add Linux Support

PlayOnLinux can already access your GOG account and install many Windows games automatically and run them using WINE.

Here's a good tip for older games that use DOS4GW.EXE: download the GPL'ed binary from and re-name it DOS4GW.EXE, then substutite it for the original. You'll find a noticable improvement in game performance, even using WINE o DOSBOX.

If your game uses CWSDPMI.EXE , download the latest version of it from

Comment: It's A Shame (Score 1) 55

by hduff (#46520343) Attached to: To Add Linux Support

Not everybody uses Ubuntu or Mint.

It's a shame they decided to support a specific "distro" instead of just generic Linux. How hard can that be?

What's wrong with specifying minimum version numbers for libraries, using /usr/local/games and providing standards-compliant *.desktop files? How difficult is that?
Or better yet, ship the required libraries with the binaries (providing the source code via ftp) and using a wrapper script to load the correct libraries and run the game for a "works-every-time" experience.

To GOG's credit, their support forums contain a wealth of information about running some of these games using Linux. As well, PlayOnLinux can install supported *.exe games directly from your account at GOG, so they have been supportive of Linux for a very long time.

Comment: Mageia4 (Score 1) 287

by hduff (#46429867) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Linux For Grandma?

All my ex-Windows family members have been happy with Mageia4. Grandma has the most locked-down instance: an LXDE desktop with a pared-down menu and locked-down configuration. Her "favorite" win32/win16 apps are handled by Codeweaver's Crossover. Never had a problem or complaint from her.

My wife, OTOH, loves to tinker and will not stop. She get Windows7 in a virtual machine with her data saved to the underlying Linux OS, so "fixing"her computer is as easy as killing the broken VM and launching a clone.

The sibs and kids seem to be happy with Mageia4/KDE4 except one who is Apple-only.

Since they are all on the same distro, I maintain a local repo of customized configs and apps, so re-installing/new computer is easy if it becomes necessary.

Comment: Re:Let us know... (Score 1) 384

by hduff (#46234545) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How Do You To Tell Your Client That His "Expert" Is an Idiot?

I'm using the slas^H^H^H^H a website's beta and its designers have the same issue.

Near as I can tell, they don't plan on listening....

But they pretended to listen. And the OP should do the same and pretend to respect the consultant, document the shortcomings and make it clear that slas^H^H^H^H the people in charge of the project are wrong.

+ - Mageia4 is Released->

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hduff (570443) writes "Mageia has quickly established a reputation of working well both for the novice user and the power user. Installation is typically easy and hardware support is among the best of any distro. The user and administrative tools are comprehensive and easy to use. Mageia is known for excellent default fully-featured configurations of the KDE4, GNOME2, LXDE and other desktop environments as well as a broad range of available applications.Both 32-bit and 64-bit installation DVDs as well as a Live CD are available."
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