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Comment A couple ideas (Score 2) 777

- Buy Slashdot: so that they don't need the extra money that have them publish ad-oriented stories, sometimes
- Pay competent consultants and developers to "help" Gnome, xOffice, and a mega bunch of other OSS projects to get managed efficiently/properly
- run for president, as a lot of wealthy people do, I guess

Comment Re:Pay more, get more (Score 1) 150

Company A pays 100 bucks for ads, company B pays 10000 bucks for ads, company B gets results displayed first on similar search terms.Is this illegal?

When you pay an ad on Google, your own result from the search is flagged with a yellow "Ad" mark. That implies if there is no "Ad" mark, that's not supposed to be a Google Ad. Now Google is known for [trying] not to do evil, and people trust the search results coming from an algorithm based on "relevance", and relevance means the results fit best the search terms ; relevance does/should not take into account "paid a bunch to Google". So having the search results not flagged ad "Ad" being arranged based on what money Google got from some companies is certainly not illegal per say, but that's certainly deception.

Comment Re:couldn't hurt (Score 2) 263

this site, in 2015, still can't properly display Unicode

I don't think that's really the problem. A web site with UTF-8 encoding does not have much to do to get unicode to be displayed correctly. The site merely just has to let the characters go, any recent browser then displays the codes appropriately. The reason slashdot does not show unicode (first byte above 0x7F) is because the characters are filtered out, either when being recorded within /. database, or during the transmission up to the browsers.

Comment Re:/facepalm (Score 1) 418

I get it, you're used to Linux, where you need 743 command line commands to do anything

Usually switching from mouse/GUI to a terminal allows you to do exactly precisely what you want in a few commands (and if you need 743 commands, make a shell script, which becomes one command). And you also usually get a level of feedback (errors...) you wouldn't have with the Gui.

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