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Comment Re:/facepalm (Score 1) 413

I get it, you're used to Linux, where you need 743 command line commands to do anything

Usually switching from mouse/GUI to a terminal allows you to do exactly precisely what you want in a few commands (and if you need 743 commands, make a shell script, which becomes one command). And you also usually get a level of feedback (errors...) you wouldn't have with the Gui.

Submission + - Two US Marines Foil Terrorist Attack on Train in France

hcs_$reboot writes: A heavily armed gunman opened fire aboard a packed high-speed train traveling from Amsterdam to Paris late Friday afternoon, wounding several passengers before he was tackled and subdued by two Americans Marines. The assault was described as a terrorist attack. President Barack Obama has expressed his gratitude for the "courage and quick thinking" of the passengers on a high-speed train in France, including US service members, who overpowered the gunman. Bernard Cazeneuve, the French interior minister, paid tribute to the Marines as he arrived at the scene, and said "Thanks to them we have averted a drama.
The Americans were particularly courageous and showed extreme bravery in extremely difficult circumstances."

Comment Re:Guess what? (Score -1) 301

Infidelity? "Infidelity" is required in our societies, at some point. After years of union with the same person, isn't that normal to want another body? Isn't that a natural and physical need? Some archaic religious vestiges drive the society not to do it, because that's evil, prohibited ; and people suffer. Nonetheless, the need is there and has to be addressed.

Comment Re:Who uses IE? (Score 1) 56

It's what everyone uses for downloading Firefox or Chrome on a new Windows machine.

Not everyone. I use a USB stick on which stands the latest Ubuntu release to add a Linux OS on the machine. This is yet another way to install Firefox, but at least it doesn't depend upon IE.

Comment Re:Really (Score 2, Insightful) 56

This bug has been around since IE 7? Wow, this just confirms that MS will only patch bugs once others find them and then they have to work on fixing them.

Most IEs, even the recent ones, suffer from this bug. MS revealing these long standing issues affecting IE... isn't it a good way to promote Edge, the new MS browser not affected by this bug?

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