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by hcs_$reboot (#48442327) Attached to: Linux On a Motorola 68000 Solder-less Breadboard
This is indeed awesome. The 68000 assembly language being relatively easier to learn than the 8086 family for instance, and the resources involved being relatively small (13 yo Linux and 512k!), it seems the whole project should be easier to comprehend than nowadays complex CPUs/OSes. That would be really great if you could build a detailed "How-to", explaining everything from scratch, with photos.

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by hcs_$reboot (#48426597) Attached to: "Barbie: I Can Be a Computer Engineer" Pulled From Amazon
Actually it does, seemingly. During my scholarship that happened quite a few times, we and friends helping computer-desperate girl friends... but I wonder what happened to non-geeky boys... They likely had the same problems, but were probably too proud to call for help (and, maybe, needed less attention...)

+ - scientists discover diamond nanothreads->

Submitted by sokol815
sokol815 (3909113) writes "Penn State University scientists discovered diamond nanothreads can be created from benzene when compressed. The compression brings the benzene molecules into a highly reactive state. It was expected that the molecules would create a non-ordered glass-like material, but due to the slow speed of decompression used, the benzene molecules ordered themselves into a naturally repeating crystal. The experiment took place at room-temperature. Early results indicate that these nanothreads are stronger than previously produced carbon nanotubes, and may have applications throughout the engineering industry."
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+ - Five years of the Go programming language!->

Submitted by omar.sahal
omar.sahal (687649) writes "Go celebrates five years of it's existence with this blog post recapping a little history, future and some philosophy.

Five years ago we launched the Go project. It seems like only yesterday that we were preparing the initial public release: our website was a lovely shade of yellow, we were calling Go a "systems language", and you had to terminate statements with a semicolon and write Makefiles to build your code. We had no idea how Go would be received. Would people share our vision and goals? Would people find Go useful?

The Go programming language has grown to find it own niche in the cloud computing word, having been used to code Docker and the Kubernetes projects. The developers also announce details of further projects to be released, such as a new low-latency garbage collector and support for running Go on mobile devices."
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+ - Philae landed three times and is still not anchored to Rosetta. 3

Submitted by Thanshin
Thanshin (1188877) writes "A failure with the small thruster that should have counteracted the recoil of the harpoons, was followed by a failure with the harpoons themselves. Finally Philae performed 3 landings,15:33, 17:26 & 17:33 UTC.

We're receiving the first pictures of Rosetta from the surface but Philae seems to not be anchored at this moment."

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