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Comment: Re:in other news... (Score 1) 74

by hcs_$reboot (#49497419) Attached to: StarTalk TV Show With Neil DeGrasse Tyson Starts Monday
Do you put religion and science on the same level? Which you like better, like oranges or bananas? Science is a way to learn about things rationally then you make up your mind. Religion is a way to learn things by having ideas imposed on you. It's certainly healthier to learn science first, then you decide if you want to be interested in religion as well.

Comment: TFS is missing important data... (Score 1) 342

by hcs_$reboot (#49471627) Attached to: Allegation: Lottery Official Hacked RNG To Score Winning Ticket

On December 23, a little more than a month after Tipton allegedly tampered with the computers, a man at a convenience store was video taped buying a Hot Lotto ticket that later won the $14.3 million payout. Authorities identified the man as Tipton, but as an employee of the association that administered the lottery, he was barred by law from buying lotto tickets or claiming lottery prizes. The winning ticket went unclaimed for almost a year. Hours before it was scheduled to expire, a company incorporated in Belize tried to claim the prize through a New York attorney

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