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Comment Re:Not wasted (Score 1) 172

, the Japanese (as well as many other Asian countries) character system benefits from a higher resolution more than the writing systems used by most all Western countries.

Yeah, but what's the point having a resolution greater than what the human eye can resolve? IOT, if the human eye cannot see the difference between 4k or 4000k what is the point of 8k?

Comment Re:"We're stronger than ever" (Score 2) 107

it's just about some marketing company selling all kinds of junk that is no different from what you get in any random outlet.

That's not obvious for everyone. And thanks to you, and your insightful modded post, more people are aware of the true nature of that news.

Comment Re:OpenWRT vs DD-WRT (Score 3, Informative) 94

comes with DD-WRT straight from the factory. Full open source, etc.

No, dd-wrt cannot be considered a fully open source project, as Openwrt is. See "Building_DD-WRT_from_Source". And an excerpt:

Building DD-WRT from source is difficult and according to the text here definitly not working on first try. You will see lots of strange errors and many confusing install-scripts. The forum is full of people who were not able to make this install-procedure running through. The infos in the forum is much newer than these here, but also very confusing and mixed up. (...) Brainslayer does not have the time to do everything ...

dd-wrt really looks like more of a closed project, that still benefits from the historical confusion related to is-it-or-not-open-source. This other quote from dd-wrt wiki is interesting

At present DD-WRT is available for free, although a different business model is being drafted by BrainSlayer in order to pay his salary, as this is his full time job

. And it seems dd-wrt makes arrangements with some wrt makers - this is why their firmware is available sometimes way before Openwrt.
I tried to install dd-wrt - because for some reasons it's what recommend people in forums - on some routers, and always had a problem: either instability, settings disappearing after a few reboots, features missing...

On the other hand, Openwrt is fully open source and is easily customizable. Installed it on many routers, including for friends, shops ... never a problem, stable, efficient. I even compiled the huge source to change the way dhcp delivers info to clients. I was amazed as how the projects is clean, compiles flawlessly. A good old open source. The Openwrt volunteers put a lot of work into these small devices, and they deliver. I don't think the bigger success of dd-wrt compared to Openwrt is legitimate.

Comment A problem with many of the other SE (Score 1) 172

A problem was that these search engines, unlike Google, were doing a kind of "grep" of the word to find through the whole data, to yield a bigger number of results. Searching for "book" gave results like "bookmark", "bookmaker", "bookkeeper" etc... While Google returned results about books and derivatives.

In any problem, if you find yourself doing an infinite amount of work, the answer may be obtained by inspection.