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Comment: Well I'll Bee (Score 1) 394

by hcgpragt (#34017364) Attached to: Bees Beat Machines At 'Traveling Salesman' Problem
I wonder if those bees just sniff their way into an optimal solution. A bee gathering pollen will probably lose some in flight. Even more so when 'fully loaded'. Those lost pollen would fan out in time. That would mean that from a certain point/ flower, a bee could find the direction of the best path to take by sniffing the direction where the most pollen come from. Doesn't take much computing power. So I guess my question would be: is the hypotheses tested with different weather conditions? Especially wind direction and force.

Comment: Re:Patches have been available for a long time (Score 1) 238

by hcgpragt (#33944404) Attached to: A Tidal Wave of Java Flaw Exploitation
You dn't have to. There are tools for that.

The Update Checker will scan your computer for installed software, check the versions and then send this information to FileHippo.com to see if there are any newer releases. These are then neatly displayed in your browser for you to download.

Comment: It's all about the process (Score 1) 421

by hcgpragt (#33486762) Attached to: Ideas For a Great Control Room?

You can create the greatest or cheapest control room and it will fail unless you known the process. The company, it's culture and it's people are not going to change (much) just by you building a control room.

How are they handling crisis now?

  • Lot's of people discussing with each other? => big screens / whiteboards on the wall. open sight-lines from workspace to those walls.
  • The problem quickly gets broken down in lots of (parallel) bits which needs specialistic knowledge to solve? => fairly Isolated 4-screen work-places.

What's the impact of a failure?

  • very public, broad impact => communication is essential => war/press-room with overviews and managers
  • Few large accounts => use your space / dollars for something else.

It's not about chairs and monitors: it's about how a company is most effective. Using big bucks to create a control room is just a waste of money if you do not know how it is going to be used.

Don't talk to us:talk to the people how are actually doing the crisis-handling at this very moment.

Open Source

Getting Started Contributing Back To Open Source 99

Posted by kdawson
from the foot-in-the-door dept.
markfreeman writes "The one burning need I have felt over the last year was to get involved with open source as a contributor. I have wanted to help with documentation, advocacy, and most of all, with programming. Here's the story of how I got started, thanks to openhatch.org (which calls itself 'an open source involvement engine') and how you can too."

I'd rather just believe that it's done by little elves running around.