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Comment Re:Sadly.. (Score 1) 348

So how do you tell whether you've changed the image since exporting?

Ummm, maybe you use your, you know, brain to tell you if you've done more work on the image?

Comment Re:wow 30 years! (Score 1) 248

My Linux system (Fedora) can become unresponsive under seriously heavy disk I/O or swap load. I've seen Firefox do it rarely

Agreed, I've seen this too with heavy I/O load, for me most typically copying multiple large files at once from disk to USB sticks (which, by the way, I find Windows does not do any better). But my objection was to the claim of seeing it with Firefox.

Comment Re:Sadly.. (Score 3, Insightful) 348

I still find GIMP highly useful, perhaps more so than ever, and I like the price compared to being robbed by Adobe and forced to use an OS that I wish to avoid.

No, I'm not a high end visual artist, I just need to do some things at a medium level of expertise. GIMP works for that and I'm glad to have it. Maybe if I was a high-ender I'd have a different opinion, but most of us are not.

XCF? Who cares. It's not hard to save and also do an export. I'm sure the point of XCF is to not lose information.

Comment Re:wow 30 years! (Score 1) 248

When Firefox causes LMDE to swap the machine grinds to a halt for at least 10 minutes before I can barely do anything with it. If Firefox is nice enough to crash (about 30% of the time) then it stops swapping and everything is usable again. If not, then I have to restart or deal with a 4-7 second lag on all computer input. The linux computer uses a SSD and has 8GB of memory and 9.8 GB of swap space,

This isn't even remotely credible. There is no way such a good hardware configuration (I'm assuming a decent CPU) would work so poorly unless you have something majorly screwed up, like disabling most of your memory.

Comment Re:Athiest Symbol (Score 1) 518

The key question is: when do the rights to exercise religious freedom conflict with the legitimate interests of the rest of the people? This is not only a hard question but a potentially dangerous one, with plenty of room to go wrong on either side of it.

Is a burka -- which objectively speaking prevents identification of the wearer -- in conflict with the legitimate interest of identifying drivers for the sake of accountability? Does that conflict override the tenet of religious freedom?

Not easy to answer.

Comment Re: But the real question is.. (Score 1) 184

I know this is contrary to what many people wish to see or hear, but I don't worry about intense graphical games on Linux. That's not what I use Linux for. Although it sounds like treason (even to my own ears) I don't have any big issue with dual booting into Windows to play those things.

Some things work best on Windows. So what? Some Mac stuff only works on Macs. And so on.

Of course I'm happy to see things develop on the Linux side. But if certain games don't run on Linux, it's not going to stop me and many others from using Linux for day to day computing.

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