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Comment Re:A win for men (Score 1) 126

This is not a Politically Correct statement, so obviously you are a woman-hating exerciser of male privilege. As someone above noted, retroactive withdrawal of consent --- even decades later, apparently --- is now the Politically Correct position to support.

Comment Re:That would be penny wise and pound foolish (Score 1) 342

When's the last time you've been?

Hoboken used to be scary as hell. Now it's filled with hipsters.

Wait... I think I see your point now...

Haven't been to Hoboken since the 1960s, and it sounds like it hasn't improved. If indeed it's filled with hipsters, it's actually gotten worse, which I never would have thought possible. This is off-topic, but the whole idea of gentrification making neighborhoods become unaffordable to families who have been there for generations, is quite distasteful. And I'm not even a SJW.

Comment Re:HOSTS file (Score 2) 411

I've got to ask if it's really worth it. I suppose, if you absolutely must run Windows or are forced to do so at work or somehow ... but geez, isn't it time to ditch Windows completely if you can? Isn't it worth going to some extra trouble to get out of that ecosystem permanently?

Comment Re:Both? (Score 2) 154

I agree, it needs to be a joint decision so all factors can be considered.

But it seldom is. Management gets lobbied by sales execs, or reads an article in some airline magazine, or goes to lunch with someone, and there you have it.

Then when it goes wrong it's the fault of that incompetent tech staff who can't carry out a simple mandate.

Comment Re: Dear MS. You Really Don't Want To Spy On User (Score 1) 388

>For sure, if you are dead-set on using proprietary software that is not available on Linux (or at least on Windows), then you may be blocked. However, if there is a port of the application to at least Windows, you can run that application on Linux using PlayOnLinux/WINE.

Full disclosure: I am a Linux bigot. As to the first statement, yes, I do have to say, sometimes someone is genuinely 'blocked' as you put it --- stuck with Windows for some essential proprietary application. This is however, in my observation at least, much less often than people think, the primary driver being as someone mentioned in a post above, a management mandate to use Windows where you work. Other than that, the cases seem to be very specific and limited--- a hospital's MRI software or something like that.

As to the second statement, Wine/PlayOnLinux is viable for some things, but very definitely not all. Even a VM is not a solution for every application or game, so I don't go too far down that road when I recommend Linux. The real answer is finding Linux applications that do what you need to do, and I've been able to do that almost all the time.

Heck, my wife runs Linux and doesn't even know it, nor does she care. She does everything she needs and wants to do and I don't have to worry quite so much about malware.

"More software projects have gone awry for lack of calendar time than for all other causes combined." -- Fred Brooks, Jr., _The Mythical Man Month_