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Submission + - The 99 Declaration (

An anonymous reader writes: Some group at Occupy Wall Street has decided to hold a national assembly in Philadelphia on July 4, 2012. While I think it will be the party of the century, you're not invited. You can't edit the declaration. You can't contribute. All you can do is participate in the popularity contest to elect representatives that get to go to this big party. While I agree with the majority of the declaration, the only channel of communication is to send them an email to which you get a "we're too busy" reply. You also can't post on their facebook page. It seems to me that in this modern age of information technology, it should be possible for everyone to participate and contribute and leave behind those old structures of representative "popularity contest" democracy. I mean something as simple as a wiki page would accomplish the same thing, yet these people seem to be fixated on yahoo groups and read-only documents. What do you think?

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