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Comment: Re:The web is public domain? (Score 1) 565

by hawleyal (#34134850) Attached to: Cook's Magazine Claims Web Is Public Domain

By downloading a song, you are creating a new copy. If you are not given the right to do this, it is copyright infringement.

What a sad misunderstanding. You don't know how the internet works.

When you visit a page on the internet, you download it. you are not violating copyright by downloading it. otherwise, you wouldn't be able to read it.

You are downloading songs from Last FM and Pandora. Otherwise, you wouldn't hear sweet rhythms in your ears.

Here's an even weirder one. What if I set up a site and link to MP3 files proclaiming free promotional downloads. The downloader/listener maybe has no knowledge of my ruse to reference copyrighted material incorrectly labelled as libre. Do you check to make sure Pandora or Last FM or-- (god forbid) Itunes has licenses?

Then there's streaming, caching, indexing, offline browsing, linking, et al.

Copyright is not defined correctly for digital information.

Comment: Too Used to Microsoft EULAs (Score 5, Interesting) 425

by hawleyal (#32809206) Attached to: Paperless Tickets Flourish Despite 'Grandma Problem'

Man, you guys are just too used to Microsoft EULAs.

All this talk of no sympathy for scalpers.

Might as well add used book retailers, music traders, software peddlers, refurbished computer sellers.

Just because it's easy to not like scalpers, you are trying to deny consumer choice.

You're part of the problem, assholes.

Comment: Re:Government Support Malware... Great... (Score 1) 114

by hawleyal (#29215281) Attached to: Coder of Swiss Wiretapping Trojan Speaks Out

Seriously, do we want open source malware?

Yes, yes we do.

Open source malware is important for the security of the targeted systems.

If unnamed corporate software monopoly discovers hole via malware, and doesn't release a notification (let alone patch), everyone else can discover that hole as well.

If all malware writers were so inclined to help the public protect against their malware.

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