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Comment: Re:Yet another proof creation doesn't work! (Score 1) 152

by hawkinspeter (#47432089) Attached to: Hints of Life's Start Found In a Giant Virus
Okay. That's a definition of God that I've never encountered. It doesn't fit well with all the religious stories that tell of an angry vengeful God that sends plagues and demands worship etc.

If God is a shorthand for the ground of being, then why do so many people go to war about which is the correct one and how you should worship him/her/it?

Comment: Re:Yet another proof creation doesn't work! (Score 1) 152

by hawkinspeter (#47431361) Attached to: Hints of Life's Start Found In a Giant Virus
There's a number of different hypotheses for how the big bang got started, but it's tricky to figure out the maths/effects so that we can figure out what fits all our available data. (You can't really explain the existence of a god as there's nothing to measure and no meaningful experiments that can be refuted).

If you don't know what created the creator and yet believe that she exists, then why do you need a creator?

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Not only Klinsmann, but the US players wokred incredibly hard.

As a disappointed England supporter, I wish that our team had put in even half the effort of the US team. It especially annoyed me when they put in a lack-lustre performance in their third match because they were already out - if you're a professional footballer (soccerer) and you're playing for your country at the world cup, I don't understand how you can not be excited and thrilled to show your mettle.

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They're over in Ireland - we don't really take them seriously. Even when they were exploding US-funded IRA bombs, we just kept a stiff upper lip and refused to be scared by them (I still can't believe that they failed to explode Thatcher with that Brighton bombing).

It makes me laugh that the USA used to be so happy to fund terrorism and now they get so crazy scared of terrorists that they allow their government to run rough-shod all over their constitution.

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by hawkinspeter (#47378879) Attached to: Austrian Tor Exit Node Operator Found Guilty As an Accomplice
I'm not sure that analogy works very well as Tor is used for general privacy and there's any number of reasons (legal and illegal) why someone would want some privacy. The sign by your front door should read "Secret passages inside! Great for a bit of privacy with no cameras!".

They should be concentrating on the criminals and not some of the techniques that the criminals may use in pursuit of the crime. Should McDonalds be held accountable for a blackmail email sent from one of its wifi points?

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