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Comment: Re:Abject brand mismanagement (Score 1) 352

Patching windows is a real pain. What I don't understand is that you apply all the available updates and then after rebooting, you find that there's critical patches to fix the patches you just applied.

You can end up spending hours checking for updates, applying them, rebooting and then repeating it because your time is worthless to Microsoft. With Linux, when you apply the updates, you get all the updates at once and you only reboot if a new kernel was installed. A job that takes many hours on Windows takes maybe half an hour on Linux and doesn't require constant user attention.

Comment: Re:Ignorance is self-righteous posturing (Score 1) 538

by hawkinspeter (#47879197) Attached to: Cuba Calculates Cost of 54yr US Embargo At $1.1 Trillion
Many thanks for your pity, but I'm English, not American. I appreciate that your comments probably apply as much to Britain as it does to the US (I presume that you don't necessarily mean South America, Mexico and Canada when you specify American), but I like to think that I don't just believe in the propaganda spewed out by governments and media outlets. I'm sure there's a good mix of sceptical and gullible people in the U.S., so it's a bit disingenuous to portray everyone as if they all think exactly the same.

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by hawkinspeter (#47879111) Attached to: Hidden Archeology of Stonehenge Revealed In New Geophysical Map
I say! He just called us all savages.

Sir, I really must protest that although our savagery is debatable (I like to think of myself as a modern humanist rather than a knuckle-dragging savage), I do take exception to your surprising claim that we are all Muslims. I personally am not of a religious bent - I am a card carrying atheist (although the cards are just the normal credit cards and shop loyalty cards that most people carry around).

I am somewhat confused about what you mean by your "Asian militants" statement. Are all the militants coming to visit Britain (probably site-seeing - I do see a lot of Japanese tourists taking photographs of all manner of people, places and things) or did they all move here at an early age? My belief is that if someone has been living in a place for the majority of their life, then it's reasonable to designate that place as their nationality, so wouldn't they then become "British militants"?

I have met several Muslims who were absolutely outstanding chaps and in no way "savage", so I'm begininng to doubt your entire post as some kind of rant.

Good Day, Sir

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by hawkinspeter (#47878347) Attached to: California Tells Businesses: Stop Trying To Ban Consumer Reviews
I'm thinking of starting a class-action against Quality Street as the toffee penny is not a chocolate. Also, why do they put so many of them in and so few of the green triangles? There's the other chocolate covered toffee, so I fail to see the need for the un-covered toffee penny.

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