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Comment: Re:Pothead banking isn't safe (Score 1) 227

by hawkinspeter (#46549799) Attached to: MtGox Finds 200,000 Bitcoins In Old Wallet
Nope, the problem is with an incompetent provider (MTGox) that never bothered itself with decent security practices.

Here's a car analogy. What if a garage buys two totalled Ford cars and chops and welds them together to make one "good" car out of the wrecks and then I come along to buy it thinking it was a properly built Ford? I'd eventually notice all kinds of problems with the chassis - is that a problem with Fords? Or is the problem with the garage that did such a shoddy job?

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Okay, I think you're trying too hard to make your point here. In principle, I'd agree that a lot of government's functions revolve around violence or the threat of violence. However, there's lots of other things that are not.

Community service is not intolerable at all - a lot of people volunteer to do this because they want to help their community and not because they are forced to do so. If you held a gun to my head and forced me to do community service, then it's the gun pointing that's intolerable, not the community service.

Also, fines are not just a function of governments. I've paid fines in the past for not returning a DVD within the agreed period - I don't consider that to be intolerable at all. There's an implied contract in society that to reap some of the benefits you agree to abide by the rules.

Picking up trash or teaching kids to read is not intolerable. Some people actively enjoy doing things like that as they appreciate that the end result is worthwhile.

By the way, drunk drivers are generally prohibited from driving, not from drinking, so you've got your arguments in a twist there and sex offenders are not followed around even if they have been prohibited from certain areas.

Your examples of pointing a gun to someone's head are not realistic as it's incredibly rare (at least in the UK) for the government to threaten death for non-compliance with generally agreed rules of society. You'd be better off with threatening to lock someone in a room - that'd be closer to what could happen.

Comment: Re:Pothead banking isn't safe (Score 1) 227

by hawkinspeter (#46543843) Attached to: MtGox Finds 200,000 Bitcoins In Old Wallet
You seem to be a bit confused. The problems are with MTGox, not with bitcoin itself. Also, aren't the majority of big drug deals conducted in US dollars? AFAIK, bitcoins are only used for relatively small amounts - the shipping containers full of contraband are paid for with real-world currencies.

Also, I'd have to question the logic of only judging a service/product based on its origin, not on its suitability for your needs. You realise that bubble-wrap was first sold as wallpaper, yet I bet you're fine with using it to protect items in transit.

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