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Comment Re: jullian really should have thought harder (Score 1) 257

Technically, charges weren't dropped as there haven't been any charges (Swiss law works somewhat differently with regards to charging), but the original arrest warrant (for two allegations - rape and molestation) was withdrawn on 21st August 2010.

However, on 20th November 2010 an international arrest warrant was issued and was upheld by the Swedish appeals court on 20th November 2014. The prosecutors were criticised for not moving the investigation forward and then on 13th August 2015 they dropped the investigations into molestation and coercion as the time limit for those were due to expire (18th August). The rape investigation has until 2020 due to it being a more serious crime, so this story can carry on for a while yet.

Here's where I pulled this info from:

Comment Re:What is UNUSUAL (Score 1) 257

It didn't but some rapes are not particularly violent if force isn't involved and harm isn't intended (e.g. drunken sex when the partner is too inebriated to properly give consent). I believe that Assange is alleged to have had sex with the woman when she was sleeping after having refused his advances, so that sounds like rape to me, but not necessarily physically violent. (I certainly don't condone that behaviour, but I can believe that there's other interests at play with Assange).

Comment Re:What is UNUSUAL (Score 2) 257

I didn't know he'd actually been charged with anything. Can you point me towards some more info on that, as a quick search indicates that he hasn't been charged (e.g.

If he has been charged, then your comments about the US would make sense, but if he hasn't been charged, then legally the US wouldn't be able to use extradition and thus the whole conspiracy theories about a Sweden/US secret deal regarding him.

Comment Re:Who pays for the electricity? (Score 1) 112

I would imagine not. However, Virgin Media customers are going to be paying substantially more for their service than the extra electricity cost, so I don't think that's going to be a major problem and there is the opt-out if that is a problem to you.

As a Virgin Media customer myself, I think this is a good thing and am perfectly happy with footing the electricity cost (not that I've worked out what that is) if it provides a useful service. Then again, I've been running my wifi router with a secondary unencrypted network for years anyway. It saves giving out keys to friends and I think of it as a kind of pay-it-forwards thing - there's times when I'd want to have access to a free wifi network.

Comment Re:Complacency (Score 1) 119

Yup - the lack of citations is a valid criticism. I just dislike the way some people think that signing in means that their opinion is any more valid. There's also the whole issue that free speech requires anonymity in some situations so I try to educate people not to automatically disregard anonymous comment (it's fair enough to disregard them for talking rubbish, though).

Comment Re: Cool (Score 1) 363

To be honest, I wish people spent more time worrying about the children that have already been born rather than arguing about what woman should or should not be allowed to do.

There's plenty of starving, poor children throughout the world and the U.S. is obsessed with arguing the pros and cons about abortion. If it's not your body, then PUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH SHUT!

Comment Re: Cool (Score 2) 363

Nope, it's only murder if it's unlawful. As abortions are generally allowed by law, it cannot be murder.

I'd probably also dispute the "living" bit as that would imply independent life and abortions are not generally performed when the baby/foetus is breathing unassisted.

Also, "torn apart"? Where the hell do you live that allows medical procedures like that?

Comment Re:It's coming. Watch for it.. (Score 1) 163

Yielding the road to a faster vehicle? I've never heard of that being a rule of the road. As far as I'm aware, all vehicles have exactly the same priority on public roads (except for emergency vehicles when they've got their lights turned on).

It's not particularly easy to judge the distances in the video due to the wide angle lens (most helmet cams use wide angles), but the UK Highway Code specifies "give motorcyclists, cyclists and horse riders at least as much room as you would when overtaking a car" (

IMO, a motorist who doesn't politely share the road with other vehicles isn't doing himself or his community any favours.

Comment Re:I spent a few days biking around Munich in the (Score 2) 163

Here in England, the only roads that were built for cars (motorways) don't allow cycles (or horses or pedestrians) on them. The other roads were built for general pedestrian (we don't have a jay-walking law) and vehicle use. The first "modern" roads were paid for by cyclists groups, so it's ignoring history to claim that the roads are built for cars.

Have a look at for a really good examination of the early history of roads and cars. Most of the car pioneers were also cycle enthusiasts (the earliest cars were pretty much tricycles with a motor fitted).

Comment Re:"Rap" (Score 1) 298

So, let me check that I've got this straight. Are you saying that the way to deal with the issues of inner city ghettos, gang violence, gun crime, drugs and police brutality is to ban rap music?

As I recall, hip-hop/rap music sprang out of a need for disenfranchised youth of low-income areas to have a "voice" and speak out about the social, economic and political realities of their lives. However, it appears that rap music doesn't agree with your sensibilities and you somehow think that it's the music that the issue rather than being a symptom of a major problem in the U.S.

I wonder how you would want "Black" people to respond to negative outside influences? Maybe tip their hat and say "Yes Masser"?
Your attitude reminds me of the Christian right back in the late 70s when they were complaining about backwards satanic messages in rock music. The problem isn't the music and trying to ban freedom of expression is part of the problem.

Comment Re:"Rap" (Score 1) 298

I don't think I can play a Race card as I'm not a member of a minority. So, assuming that I wish to subscribe to your views, what would you suggest? Maybe ban rap music? Also, we could introduce segregation so that rap fans have to sit at the back of the bus and aren't allowed to use the same toilets as non-rap fans.

In a five year period we can get one superb programming language. Only we can't control when the five year period will begin.