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Playing Devil's Advocate here (woohoo high score!). This law might get passed due to the ruling parties having a strong majority in the Parliament. Maybe a future UKIP party gets to power with a small minority and gets blocked repeatedly by the other parties combining against them - they'd easily be able to use this law to get rid of their opponents.

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Which currency we use can be very important due to factors like inflation or qualitative easing. You have a point as for most transactions the currency is just used as a middle-man for swapping services (e.g. time you spent working for someone) for products or other services.

If you have a lot of currency "saved" then the choice of currency can be very important as the value of each currency can dramatically change (e.g. hyper-inflation can wipe out the value of a currency).

As a UK subject, I don't feel sentimental about the pound, but historically it has been a lot more stable than other currencies. At the moment, I believe that Sterling is in a safer position than the Euro as the Euro has problems with some of the countries having financial difficulties (e.g. Greece).

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Depending on where you live, often the purpose of security is not to stop someone entering but to ensure that they're going to make a lot of noise doing so. If you're in a street with lots of neighbours, then a burglar is not going to want to be smashing windows or wooden doors.

This is also why dogs make good guard pets as some of them make lots of noise when they see someone they don't know. A lot of dogs would just go and excitedly greet a burglar, but the burglar wouldn't want to take the chance and will often pick a house without a dog.

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by hawkinspeter (#48186619) Attached to: Microsoft Gearing Up To Release a Smartwatch of Its Own
If people insist on repeatedly buying rubbish, then why should the manufacturers have to pick up the slack?

Personally, I run Linux and the only problem I've had with drivers not working from one release to another was with a Multitech multimodem that I've not been able to get working on a anything newer than a 2.4 kernel. Luckily, I can still quite happily run an old OS and thus it's still working today (although why we need to run fax modems anymore is another question).

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If it works when you bought it, then it's your fault if you change the OS and it no longer works. You should have thought about that before changing your OS.

On the other hand, if a manufacturer doesn't provide you with all the drivers that you want, then don't keep buying from that manufacturer.

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VO2 max isn't necessarily the most important factor for marathon runners as there's running economy (how much oxygen you require for running at a certain pace) to consider as well. Strangely enough, high VO2 max and high running economy don't usually appear in the same individual.

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