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Comment: Lawsuit filed by.. (Score 0) 348

People Against Hockey Stick Graphs...seriously, in whose best interest is this lawsuit being filed? If his research was false, then other researchers will come forth to put another more valid model. That is how science works. The hockey stick graph was a model. Are models now illegal?

Comment: Re:Liable *of not acting upon obvious infringement (Score 1) 164

by hawkingradiation (#46199039) Attached to: German Domain Registrar Liable For Copyright Infringement
Respectfully sir, I don't have to. The fact that the name of the file given is infringing is not enough and the fact that the site is a torrent site. Even if there was a hash "identifying" the file, that is not 100% accurate, although it may be given a very strong indication of. I said "a site", not "the site", which is what the court will be determining, whether "a" site should be suspended due to a copyright holder's evaluation of "a" site and/or file. Like other commenters have mentioned, the burden placed on "a" site to manually check whether a file follows a certain copyright or not is expensive for "all" sites and is overy onerous. The solution is to go after the site itself, not the "linker" to the site. Perhaps there is an automated way to identifying a song, or perhaps. not "A" file on a site could be arbitrarily long and you could change just a few bits of a file and it would be different. You cannot decide with reasonable certainty right now without some algorithm or machine learning that uses incredible amounts of computing power to identify a file. BTW the industry is working tirelessly on this problem, and Google just received a patent on identifying objects in a file, so we are a step away from actually impersonating a person to see if a file resembles another file and that is the only way.

Comment: Re:Liable *of not acting upon obvious infringement (Score 1) 164

by hawkingradiation (#46197399) Attached to: German Domain Registrar Liable For Copyright Infringement
So just by looking at a site, you can tell if it is hosting infringing copies or not? How is it obvious? The bar is set way to low for prosecution. What about a site like GoDaddy who has probably hundreds of thousands of sites? Was the process automated? If so then it would be far too easy for someone to claim infringement when there is not, or even when there is clearly not infringement to try and take down someone's site because that person or organization does "not like" the site. Again just like the DMCA and we know that that process has not been abused. The problem lies with the owner and maintainer of the site. If we are going to prosecute everybody along the way for an infringement then bless our technological souls.

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by hawkingradiation (#46088917) Attached to: OneDrive Is Microsoft's Rebranded Name For SkyDrive
If you would notice a pattern where Microsoft names their products with simple, yet all encompassing names. For example:

SQL Server,
System Center,
and many others...including the name "Windows"

It is amazing as if Bill Gates had a dog and named him "Microsoft Woof".

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by hawkingradiation (#46010907) Attached to: Blowing Up a Pointless Job Interview
Sounds like the ones defending a balanced response to a rather open ended and not specific question like are the ones who want respect and are doing the hiring and the ones who would like to start a new career, maybe for the first time, are the ones who want to be given a chance to answer a question that can show their skills, not just pull something out of a hat. Both want respect. You are hiring them to work in supposedly a new role. How do you know that their "reputation" actually puts them in a position of "not being able to do the job"? Why do HR managers (not saying that you are one) always trying to run ends-around trying to find ways in which a candidate can not be good for a job by not being direct and pretending there are x amount of ways one can find out whether a person can do the job rather than by doing it? To me it seems normal that a person's job skills can be tested best by, well, testing them at their job. If I were a younger employee, that's what I would ask for, and be more genuinely motivated to do if the job starts right here, right now, instead of having to go through all that rigamarole.
In general, in WWII there was a shortage of men, people kept on dying, and choices and trust had to be made in the men doing their jobs, because there was no one else to fill them. Now, managers have enough time, money and leisure on their hands, that they can afford to "pretend" that all this extra bs hiring stuff makes a difference. Perhaps everybody needs to step back and figure out a way where most everybody can contribute. It would be good for everybody. [/rant]

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How about COMMIE OS: China Offering Multi Man Independent Effort Operating System. This is the development model: "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need." Ha just joshing ya, that was then and this is now: Corporate Oligarchy Man in the Middle "I" on Everybody OS. "I" being a loose Chinese translation that means "eye", must have been somebody new to English.

Comment: Arrested criminal suspects.... (Score 1) 201

by hawkingradiation (#45995609) Attached to: SCOTUS To Weigh Smartphone Searches By Police
Here we go again....we have to protect ourselves from the "criminals" even before they are deemed so by a court of law. We have to "get the criminals", well in my country now, Canada, it is now criminal to rip a dvd to your computer without the content owners permission. And going off topic a bit, how long before almost everyone can be arrested for carrying on normal-day activities?

Comment: Re:Units sold or already out? (Score 1) 511

by hawkingradiation (#45973345) Attached to: Apple Devices To Reach Parity With Windows PCs In 2014
According to this article intrinsic support for XP will end this year. (And by intrinsic I mean OS updates that keep the OS secure from 0-day flaws-not just MSE). Even if they were being run for 2014-2001 = 13 years, the end is nigh. I agree with other commenters that a PC has a shorter life span than you imagine, with 3-4 years tending to be the norm and with 1:1 in sales for "Mac":"PC" they will eventually reach parity within that time. BTW my home has been Windows free since 2004 and Google requires a business case for any Windows PC.

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by hawkingradiation (#45924003) Attached to: White House Reportedly Dismissing Key Contractor
Accenture is another Microsoft front, and if I am right, a lot of web-hosting providers are moving away from IIS for various reasons the least of which has to do with security. The conspiracy theorist in my is thinking that the reason that they would be moving to IIS is to seal 's doom. Noooooo I actually want Obamacare to succeed.

Comment: Re:Charity? Or PR? (Score 3, Insightful) 224

by hawkingradiation (#45353947) Attached to: Microsoft Donates Windows 8.1 To Nonprofit Organizations
More likely an attempt to prevent more organizations switching to Linux as the first poster suggested (and in his sarcasm was modded down). Are they going to donate the computers that run them too? Looks like a lot of slashdotters have caught on to this wayward attempt to build users and acceptance.

Comment: How far will they go... (Score 2) 431

so as to feel so defensive about what they have done to dismantle the liberties and freedoms that we all hold dear? Listening to these bureaucrats quip is more than just a nuisance, these guys have power to summon the government to imprison or send a drone to your home. Maybe we should all wait patiently until the whole government collapses. *chill* if that is the only hope we have then that is a scary thought.

Comment: To make its influence known... (Score 1) 65

by hawkingradiation (#45219933) Attached to: Google Leads Among Consumer Tech Companies Lobbying Congress
"Google is still the tech company that spends most lavishly to make its influence known in Washington, D.C." - you mean like laying fibre optic cables, introducing a new type of laptop, spending money "lavishly" on a new search algorithm...Yes Google sure is "making its influence known." Not arguing that Google has increased its lobbying, but maybe they came to a stark realization or sorts.

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