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Comment Re:Let me get this right. (Score 3, Interesting) 150

FO4 junkie here, it's no exception. My (bought used for $180 a year ago) GTX 680 works great in 4k (by great, I mean with anti-aliasing basically off - at 24" 4k doesn't really need it). Yeah, I spent a stack of cash on my monitor (mainly for Photoshop), but otherwise, I have a 6 year old (bought 5 years ago for about $100) AMD quad core processor & 8GB RAM (and a small SDD + large HDD) - it doesn't take much to get a better experience than consoles.

Comment Re:Google Fiber? (Score 1) 264

I was in Utah about a decade ago when UTOPIA was rolling out; 15x15 (super-fast 10-12 years ago, looks like $5 less for 100x100 now) for $40/mo ... couldn't drop Comcast fast enough, though they did send a retention guy to my house to try to get me to stay. Offered me an 8x3 (fastest they could do in my area) like for $30-something. Pretty sure I laughed.

Comment Re:Well duh (Score 1) 294

If they agents of a foreign government, rebroadcasting at their behest, I think it can be shut down without free speech concerns.

On the other hand, if they are broadcasting a feed on their own accord (ie: their own speech) I think there's a clear-cut copyright infringement case against them that can be used to shut them down ...


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